In this Economy, Who's Got Time for Sight-seeing?

October 6, 2008

The IFSCC 25th Congress takes place this week in Barcelona, a gem of a city with amazing architecture, great museums and a vibrant nightlife. I was fortunate enough to travel here on business 12 years ago and was able to see many of the sights…Sagrada Família, La Pedrera and La Rambla to name a few. Good thing, because with today’s troubling business environment, nobody is getting a chance for sightseeing.

One colleague lamented—via email of course—that he’s been to Barcelona several times adding, “one day I’m going to see this city.”

But with the economy in a tailspin, nobody’s got time to check out amazing architecture.

William P. Lauder, CEO of Estée Lauder, recently told Business Week that he’s adjusted his corporate budget in anticipation of a very difficult holiday selling season.

Mr. Lauder is asking each brand manager three questions, “What must you have? What would like to keep going? And what can you give up?”

No doubt that this is going to be a tough December. And with European banks starting to collapse, it seems as though the tough times will be with us for a while.

We’re starting this blog at to help keep the lines of communication open even as our readers seem to have less and less time to get their jobs done. Our question, to you then, is “what is your company doing—or what do you think it should be doing—to prepare for a prolonged downturn in the economy?” Reduced travel? Hiring freeze? Let us know. We want to hear from you!
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