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Beauty Buzz: Summer 2009 Products from Too Faced

Published May 29, 2009
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Color cosmetics are supposed to be feminine and fun, as a swipe of lipstick or a dash of blush can add wonders to both your appearance and self-esteem. Enter Too Faced, the California-based makeup collection that targets the snazzy gal-on-the-go with its retro crafty packaging and universally flattering color palette. Celebrities Kate Hudson, Rosario Dawson and Kim Kardashian are said to be fans of the brand.

For Summer 2009, Too Faced is all about illumination, complementing that natural glow from outdoor excursions.

The Pinch My Petals Brightening Blush ($19.50) features cute, girly packaging—it is emblazoned with a screenprint of a vintage vixen, has polka-dot edging and a mirrored inset. A pinky mauve, the light and airy powder formulation is ideal for layering for that perfect pop of color on the apples of the cheeks with the brand’s Flatbuki Brush ($12.50) clad with a metallic floral handle and “faux Teddy Bear” hair bristles. According to the brand, its flat shape allows for precise blush and bronzer application. Indeed!

The Lip Bronzer lipgloss in Sun Bunny ($17) is unique, as it features two-tone color infused with vitamin E—a classic bronze on one side of the tube, and a champagne beige on the other, but both hues swirl together on application for a golden glow. Perfect for that post-beach visit to the tiki bar.

More info: www.toofaced.com

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