The Single Load-Double Wash Laundry Predicament

January 23, 2010

We’ve all been there. We started a load of laundry and left it sitting in the washing machine for hours, if not overnight.  When we realize it, we have two options: toss the load into the dryer knowing clothes will retain that icky smell or wash them again.

I’m pretty sure I know what detergent makers prefer we do.

Well, Whirlpool wants to put an end to the single-load-gets-washed-twice predicament. The appliance giant’s new Maytag Performance Series Washer with Dynamic Venting Technology apparently makes re-washing neglected laundry a thing of the past. Dryers in the Performance Series feature a “fresh hold” option that incorporates a fan to circulate air and keep freshly laundered clothes from developing sour odors when left in the washer up to 10 hours.

The washer is available at an MSRP starting at $1,299, which is in line with most premium front-loading washing machines. But Maytag says this venting technology actually costs only about a penny per cycle to operate, which is considerably lower than another dose of HE detergent, according to numbers compiled by Consumer Reports in 2009.

Just how prevalent is this problem? A survey by Whirlpool Corp. found that 60% of consumers who use front-load washers are most concerned with controlling odors—especially when damp laundry is accidentally left in the washer too long.

Whirpool showcasing this technology at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas this week, where it is also teaming up with Levi’s to promote energy efficiency and proper denim care too.

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