It’s All About the Brows

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | April 3, 2017

This beauty pencil sells in the millions.

Over the past 16 years, 13 million ybf (your best friend) beauty universal eyebrow pencils have been sold, used and demanded by ybf “girlfriends” all over the globe. It sells out often on shopping hubs such as HSN.
The ybf beauty universal eyebrow pencilis touted as the original automatic pencil that delivers 22 different shades of color in one pencil suitable for blonde, brunette, red, black, even salt & pepper and platinum silver brows. The award-winning product changes color based on the amount of pressure applied for a natural match every time, said the company.

The thin, precision tip is perfect for creating soft, feathery strokes that mimic the look of real hair while the end brush ensures a natural looking finish. And there's no need for sharpening! The innovative automatic sharpening, no mess component allows you to twist up for a fresh point with each application.
Besides defined brows this season, eyebrow perfectors are big, as seen with recent launches from Rimmel to IT Cosmetics.
Also, at press time YBF introduced the new limited edition “dripping bling” illuminating crème. Expect an otherworldly sheen that’s never sparkly – the only glitter is on the packaging!