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Global Packaging Alliance Holds Annual Meeting in Hong Kong

July 7, 2011

Global Packaging Alliance Holds Annual Meeting in Hong Kong

Global Packaging Alliance Holds Annual Meeting in Hong Kong

The Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) recently held its annual meeting in Hong Kong, providing an ideal forum for its members to review industry trends and the latest developments in packaging innovation and sustainability. The group also focused on ways to further support international brands in growth markets.

GPA members discussed packaging trends in their respective markets and shared the latest developments in their packaging operations, including equipment investments, technical advancements, process improvements, new materials and operating data for benchmarking.

The GPA agenda also included a review of market developments in the Middle East and India with the possibility of adding a company to the GPA’s current network in these regions. With this in mind, the next GPA annual conference is scheduled to take place in India in early 2012.

In the meantime, the group will continue to focus on ways to further support international brands in emerging markets while significantly reducing time-to-market.

Alpha Aromatics Introduces Cutting-Edge Diffuser Technology
A new patent-pending technology called Flow Science from Alpha Aromatics is set to revolutionize reed diffusers with a ground-breaking method for diffusing fragrances into ambient air.

The company has solved common product problems with Flow Science applied to slender rods (reeds), creating a totally-effective alternative to problematic reed diffusers. Rather than wicking diffuser oil from a container, the reeds actually hold the diffuser oil within themselves without any free liquid to spill—even when tilted 180°, according to Alpha Aromatics.

Each Flow Science reed features micro-engineering enabling it to contain specially-formulated diffuser oil in its reservoir core. A precisely designed capillary system then carries the liquid up and out, flowing onto a secondary wicking surface. From there, the scent diffuses consistently over time without clogging, dipping, flipping or spilling.

The Flow Science reeds are available in any length and diameter.
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Unique Packaging for Sun Bum Spray

Sun Bum Spray Sunscreen packages showcase an outdoorsy, fun look with colors and imaging, according to the company. Each of these packages utilize the Moritz Twist To Lock actuator which is supplied by Aptar Beauty + Home. This actuator provides great coverage of product and there is no overcap to lose, according to the company.
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Qosmedix Thinks Pink With Packaging

New pinkpackaging additions at Qosmedix.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness, Qosmedix has increased its inventory to include new and unique pink products that can be used as promotional items or for retail sale in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), as well as year-round.

The latest pink additions include aluminum spray bottles from the packaging category, and a boomerang spatula, lipgloss applicator, lip brush and mascara wand from the single-use applicators category.

According to the company, all of these stock items can be personalized with your company logo to promote the cause along with your brand.
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This 30ml Kurve airless is in demand.
Fusion Packaging Wins at The Oscars

StemSational Skin Regeneration Serum, packaged in Fusion Packaging’s 30ml Kurve airless bottle collection, was the brand of choice for the luxury anti-aging treatment product gifted at the 2011 Academy of Arts & Sciences, Oscar awards presentation.

“Fusion’s Kurve collection provides a sleek, curved design that is unique in our industry,” said Lesley Gadomski, vice president of sales at Fusion Packaging. “We are thrilled to have partnered with the Gioello, LLC team to create and design an attractive package for Hollywood’s elite.”
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