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Olay Technology Cuts the Ribbon in Body Wash

February 14, 2006

l P&G Beauty introduced a new, patented dual-stream ribbon technology that wraps skin in a thick, creamy lather while providing moisturization. Olay Ribbons Body Wash includes two separate ribbon phases: a cleansing ribbon and a moisturizing ribbon, which is infused with petrolatum, a dermatologist-recommended moisturizing ingredient.
The dual-stream ribbon technology is a patented process that fills product bottles with a moisturizing and cleansing ribbon that sit side by side but do not interact until they are mixed with water. Mixing Olay Ribbons Body Wash with water activates the cleansing ribbon, which carries the moisturizers from the moisturizing ribbon and allows them to wrap around skin to protect it from future dryness.
Three different versions of Olay Ribbons Body Wash are currently available where Olay products are sold. The product retails for $3.99 (10oz.) and $5.99 (18oz.). More info:

l Dispenser technology from Airspray International is being used in a new foaming body wash by Bath & Body Works. This approach fits with Airspray’s instant-foamer technology, which offers a creamy and rich product without use of chemical propellants. The water resistant WRF3 used in the new Pure Simplicity Bath & Body Works foaming body wash is part of the new WaterGuard line of one-touch foamers recently unveiled by Airspray. Ideal for a wide range of consumer products, these new foamers offer safe, one-hand operation and have a fun-factor that appeals to both kids and their parents.
The retailer’s introduction of the new body wash subcategory follows the successful national 16-SKU launch of foaming hand soaps for adults and children.
The Airspray WRF3 used in the new Bath & Body Works foaming body wash is fitted with a 250 ml PET clear cylinder and perfectly complements the company’s clean, elegant packaging look and brand identity.

l Brilliant Kisses, a lipgloss duo from Boscia, provides color and anti-aging properties. The preservative-free lip-gloss protects, repairs and treats as it offers long-lasting shine and instant color, according to the company.
Tuberose extract, jojoba and macadamia nut oils make lips supple and hydroxyproline helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and gives resilient fullness to lips. Willowherb and jojoba leaf combat free radicals.
The product is available in two colors. Best is a classic shade for everyday use on all skin tones and Favorite adds a luminous luster. Boscia Brilliant Kisses will be available March 2006 and retails for $25.

l New Olive Virgin Oil Swabs have been introduced by DHC USA, Inc. The gentle cotton swabs are infused with DHC’s signature moisturizer, olive virgin oil. They are ideal for touch-ups or to clear away residual makeup after cleansing. Each single-use swab’s 100% cotton tip is saturated with oil to spot-condition extra-dry areas, including the skin around nose and eyes, as well as cuticles. These multipurpose swabs are wrapped individually to maintain hygienic quality, and are great for travelers and consumers on the go. The Olive Virgin Oil Swabs retail for $4 for 50 swabs.

l René Furterer has put an end to washing hair. The new Naturia Dry Shampoo cleans and purifies hair in minutes, leaving it fresh and full of body without using water. The shampoo absorbs dirt and oil with a patented formula containing kaolin clay, silica, rice and corn starch powders. This combination provides high absorption power, removes static, eliminates oiliness and softens hair, according to the company. Naturia Dry Shampoo combines peppermint, caraway and basil to deep-clean the scalp and refresh hair with a naturally clean scent. Due to the shampoos skin-toned color, it leaves no residue. The compact 3.2-oz. can retails for $23.00.

l Antica Farmacista, the 25-year-old Italian fragrance and apothecary line, launched two new fragrance formulas to the brand’s existing collection for spring 2006. A body lotion and bath and shower wash will roll out into the existing fragrance line-up.
Shelley Callaghan and Susanne Pruitt, who have contributed new energy to the line while still maintaining its luxury image, have recently purchased the brand. At the heart of the brand is the signature Home Ambience Fragrance. The antique inspired apothecary bottles are filled with fragrance that is then diffused in the air through wooden reeds.
In addition to the Casablanca and Pomegranate Currant fragrances, the core collection includes single note scents of aqua (a blend of marine algae and musk) and amber, as well as more complex fragrances including magnolia, orchid and mimosa; tuberose, hyacinth and lily of the valley; and vanilla, mandarin and bourbon.
Home Ambience Fragrances retail for $58 for 250ml. and $88 for 500ml. Room and linen sprays are $28 for 100ml; perfumes are $58 for 50ml.; and the body lotions and bath and shower washes are $28 and $26 respectively for 8oz. sizes.

l Juice Beauty, San Rafael, CA, will launch its new Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer in spring 2006. Full of nutrients like co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C, peptides, and DMAE, the new antioxidant moisturizer will be the perfect complement to the existing six-product Juice Beauty Green Apple collection.
“This new moisturizer is the ideal formula for anti-aging skin care,” said chief executive officer, Karen Behnke. She noted that the light and creamy formula absorbs quickly and has a natural aroma-therapeutic scent.
This nutrient-rich moisturizer combines a brightening complex of organic apple, lemon and grape juices, nutrient-rich essential fatty acids, and age-defying alpha lipoic acid, to replenish, nourish and firm aging skin. A 2-oz. jar of the antioxidant moisturizer retails for $43.

l L’Oréal Professionnel is helping consumers achieve fashionable looks with two new products, Textureline Lisscontrol+ and Fixmove. Textureline Lisscontrol+ styles hair in one step, while providing shine and smoothness. Made with a water-free formula, the product provides anti-frizz protection. Textureline Fixmove is a weightless, crystalline gel that provides the hold of a gel and the softness and shine of a wax. It is ideal for texturizing, sculpting and smoothing. The product’s anionic polymer creates an invisible film on the hair to deliver hold and control. Guar gum provides flake-free, stiffless control and glycol offers smoothness and shine. Lisscontrol+ and Fixmove retail at $14.95 and $12.50, respectively.

l Pantina’s spring collection includes an array of shimmer, light, drama and glamour. Pantina’s tinted moisturizer ($7) blends away imperfections while protecting skin with SPF 15 and vitamins C and E. It is available in pearl glo, nude glo and bronze glo. For that Caribbean look, the company introduced bronzing powder ($7) available in Sun Goddess and Tahitian princess. Pantina’s shimmer stick instantly lightens and highlights selected areas. With vitamins C and E, as well as luminance pearls, the illuminator brightens skin and imparts a healthy glow. Available in shimmery lace, shimmery chiffon and shimmery petal, the product retails for $5. For unruly eyebrows, the brow contour gel ($5) shapes, sets and styles. The three magnetic eye-color case is stocked with three eye shadows and two liners. Each color combo contains special illuminating pearls to brighten eyes. Pantina’s Spring Look Books ($6) are available in Spring Fling (pink neutrals), Be-Jeweled (blues) and Heavy Metal (warm browns). For a quick manicure/pedicure, Pantina nail lacquers come in a super slim, compact bottle with salon-quality, quick-drying polish. Available in Paris (pretty in pink), Juliette (iridescent peach) and Cimora (creamy nude), the lacquers retail for $4.50. Pantina’s Super-Shiny Extremely Glossy protects lips as well as a healthy shine. Colors include Haute Pink, Sundown, Wicked and Pandora for a retail price of $4.50.
l A new technology proven to stimulate a natural regenerative process of the skin, the Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration system developed by Rhytec, addresses the growing demand for cosmetic improvement with predictable downtime and little to no risk of hypopigmentation, scarring, discoloration, or other complications associated with other more-aggressive anti-aging treatments.
Portrait is one of the first to employ a highly energized gaseous state known as plasma that produces a unique thermal profile at and below the skin’s surface. This stimulates remodeling of the skin’s architecture, replacing old damaged collagen with significant amounts of new collagen—the key to quality, long-lasting improvement. While most treatments offer specific but limited results, Portrait deals with multiple conditions simultaneously. More than three years of clinical testing have demonstrated improvements in wrinkling, skin laxity, skin texture, acne scars, pore size and surface discoloration—all at the same time. More info:

l Soothing Care intimate care products by the makers of Monistat relieves harsh winter skin conditions. Two formulations offered include Itch Relief spray, which contains a topical pain reliever to calm skin irritation in delicate areas like underarms, thighs and legs and Itch Relief cream that contains aloe and hydrocortisone to provide long-lasting relief from skin discomforts that include itching, burning irritation and inflammation. The products are available at drug stores, supermarkets and mass retailers nationwide and range in price from $6.49 to $7.49.

l Selona is a line of luxury bath and body therapies that are invigorating to the body and soul, and use nutrients derived from 100% pure unrefined shea butter. Unrefined shea butter provides vitamins, minerals and proteins to restore the skin’s natural elasticity. Infused with the soothing benefits of natural emollients, each Selona product is carefully blended to provide a luxury spa experience, anytime, anywhere.
Selona’s new signature product scent, Decco, uses floral undertones to envelope the wearer in a sense of tranquility, according to the company.
The exfoliating body scrubs ($14) contain pure sugar granules and rich oils that remove dead skin cells and moisturize. The whipped body butter ($24), is specially formulated to provide essential ingredients that contribute to healthy skin. Its rich texture and delicious scents help to promote the skin’s natural resources. The company’s pure moisture body wash ($18) is a foaming cleanser enriched with emollients that aid in nurturing and protecting the skin. This invigorating cleanser has luxurious lather that won’t strip away essential oils. More info:

l The new P2 HaiRx created by Philip Pelusi utilizes the latest in nanotechnology to expel dirt, oil, debris and build-up from the hair and scalp. Herbs like ivy, rocket, and watercress clean the scalp and hair, reduce sebaceous oils and gently lift dead skin cells. Hair fabric and scalp are left in a pristine-like state, while age-defying ingredients reinforce strength, color protection and weightless moisture. By incorporating nanotechnology, Pelusi creates a negative charge to ward off future dirt and oil with whortleberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon. More info: (212) 966-0024.

l L’Oréal and Diesel, the $1.2 billion Italian denim company, have teamed up to create a new fragrance. Diesel appealed to L’Oréal because they target a demographic different from L’Oréal’s other brands, which include Parfums Cacharel, Paloma Picasso and Parfums Guy Laroche.
L’Oréal’s first deal was with Viktor & Rolf in 2002, making its deal with Diesel the second in four years. The first Diesel scent is expected to be available at perfumeries and department stores at the end of 2007.

l Emani Professional Cosmetics introduced Natural Crushed Mineral cheek color and four new colors in Emani’s Natural Crushed Mineral Color Dust. The Natural Crushed Mineral Cheek Color is applied on cheeks and all over the face to enhance a more natural healthy complexion. It infuses radiant light into skin. The versatile, adjustable and 100% pure colors can be worn over, under or mixed with any Emani Mineral Foundations to create a variety of fresh, healthy, and beautiful looks. The product retails for $12.
The Natural Crushed Mineral Color Dust is made of only pure, crushed minerals; free of preservatives, talc and irritants. The soft, translucent shades add subtle highlights for daytime or increased drama for nighttime. The product retails for $8.

l Solo soy candles from Er’go—a new collection of 21 fragrances—focus on the properties of fruits and flowers, like tartness, juiciness, bitterness and sweetness.
Each Er’go Solo candle showcases the totality of a pleasurable, instantly recognizable fresh new scent. The Solo collection includes fragrances such as chai tea, pineapple, mint tea, grapefruit, java, lime, tuberose, lily and passionfruit, to name a few.
Er’go has also introduced the Spectrum Collection ($23). The new line offers 24 new distinct fragrance synergies that contrast and complement each. For example, vanilla blends with nutmeg and clove, with nutmeg and pear, and with nutmeg and orange to create Vanilla Nutmeg, Vanilla Pear, and Mandarin Vanilla—subtle yet lightly sweet scents with a punch of surprising spicy flavor. Lightly scented lilac infused with florals like rose, jasmine and wisteria are featured in May Flowers and eucalyptus, geranium and lavender blend to create Greener Pastures.
The candles are created with a series of aromatic notes that build upon and overlap each other to produce a harmonious, fragrant radiant energy blend. Each Spectrum candle is composed of an average of 25 to 30 pure fragrance and essential oils. The collection includes fragrances such as coconut pineapple, Hawaiian jasmine and kashmir saffron.

l The John Sahag workshop introduces 3-D Special Effects Volumizing hair gel, an advanced hair shaper for all hair types. This innovative formula was the very last product created and developed by John Sahag before his passing in June 2005.
The 3-D gel allows for spontaneous creativity; after styling, the product adds volume, strength and substance to hair. The product works with hair’s natural texture to intensify and protect styles. The 3-D gel is a high-grade silicon based product and provides bold holding power, sustains hair’s natural flexibility and leaves hair fuller, stronger and thicker, according to the company.
The gel contains VP/VA copolymer, polyquanternium-4, hydropropyltrimonium hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycerin, panthenol and hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, a powerful combination of high quality ingredients, provising a healthy, yet intense, hold.
It is now available in 8.5-oz at The John Sahag Workshop, New York, NY, as well as at various national beauty supply retailers, such as and

l Vyvedas, a new skin care line based on the holistic philosophy of Ayurveda times, was created with ingredients found throughout Brazil. According to the company, the product formulations relax the soul and offer phyto-therapeutic benefits. Each product allows for greater moisturizing action and natural protection against free radicals, as well as aroma therapeutic properties.
The collection includes seven products. Brazil Nut Liquid Soap & Shower gel is composed of ingredients such as bejoim cyan and Brazil nut oil. Amazon’s Passion Fruit Liquid Soap/Body & Hands contains 100% natural passion fruit oil to moisturize and relax the skin. The Tea Tree & Eucalyptus liquid soap for body and hands offers a proven antiseptic action; the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils cleanse skin. The Mint & Sweet Fennel Glycerin facial gel increases cleansing power and refreshment sensation. Grape seed, Brazilian nut oil and shea butter, which help prevent skin aging, is found in the company’s Geranium & Sweet Orange body moisturizer. Amazon’s Passion Fruit Body Moisturizer also prevents skin aging with grape seed oil, Brazilian nut, passion fruit oil and shea butter. With grape seed oil, Brazil nut oil and shea butter, the Litsea Cubeba body moisturizer activates circulation and cell renewal and protects against free radicals. The products retail at $10.

l Glospa, Denver, CO, debuts its bath-and-body line of lotions, scrubs, bath bars, oils, gels, lip conditioner and aromatic candles. Using only the highest grade and most advanced ingredients, each product formulation offers a rich blend of natural essential oils and active properties for an experience like that of a spa treatment.
According to the company, Glospa is designed to refresh the skin and spirit. While the collection is designed to rejuvenate and energize the body and mind, each product has a special offering to tantalize the senses says the company. The collection consists of three different fragrances: Citrus Lavender (refreshing and soothing), Green Tea & Jasmine (fresh and floral) and Honey Sugar Butter (sweet and comforting).
Glospa Refresh products cleanse and hydrate the skin and the Renew products exfoliate and wash away impurities to reveal softer skin. Transforming products nourish problem areas. Indulging products provide the body with intense hydration and moisturization, according to Glospa.

l PureOlogy Serious Colour Care, Irvine, CA, uses Nano Technology to enhance hair color vibrancy, strengthen, moisturize and improve hair conditions.
With Nano Technology, PureOlogy’s premium ingredients become miniaturized molecules, which enable them to more easily penetrate the hair. The ingredients in PureOlogy products are delivered to the hair that needs repair, according to the company. This allows PureOlogy to maximizing color radiance and color protection, while strengthening and infusing moisture.
All PureOlogy products are scientifically formulated to enhance color vibrancy and intensify hair’s
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