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Selona Gets Decked Out With New Scent, Decco

June 7, 2006

Selona is a line of luxury bath and body therapies that use nutrients derived from 100% pure unrefined shea butter. The company introduced its signature product scent, Decco, which contains floral undertones to envelope the wearer in a sense of tranquility. Decco’s mixture of strong and sweet chords contributes to the elegance of the scent’s composition. The new body scrub ($14), body butter ($24) and body wash ($18) are infused with natural emollients. More info:

l From Joico, Arcadia, CA, the K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor is a daily leave-in reconstructive liquid protein spray featuring the company’s Quadramine Complex. According to the company, the product restores vitality, strength and elasticity to fine, lifeless hair. It reconstructs hair that experiences breakage, premature color loss and a lack of style responsiveness due to chemical, thermal and/or environmental damage. The K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor retails for $19.95. More info:

l Freeman’s Truly Luscious bath and body care line blend botanical extracts that provide moisturizing, softening and nourishing properties, as well as chocolate, mint and caramel scents. The line includes body lotions, such as Cookies & Cream and Caramel Buttercream; Chocolate Mint and Caramel Vanilla Swirl scented body washes; and Chocolate Brown Sugar body scrub. The products retail for $4.99.

l Boscia has created a Jujube Rejuvenist Amino body wash ($22) and Whipped Body cream ($30). According to the company, the treatments cleanse, soften and rejuvenate dry and delicate skin using powerful nutrients found in jujube fruit.
The cleanser strengthens the skin for a smoother, firmer appearance and the moisturizer is designed to soften and beautify the entire body. More info:

l The new ultra-therapeutic body care, fragrance and candle collection from Zents incorporates shea butter, botanicals and essential oils in spa-grade personal care formulations. The line comes in 10 pure scents. With stones carved by artisans, balms poured by hand and soaps individually wrapped, company executives insists they put extra care into each aspect of the collection. More info:

l Nurturing Force has put a new face on men’s personal care with a new facial blotting paper for men. Nurturing Force Unscented Pure Meditation blotting paper is housed inside a convenient sleek black compact dispenser. The blotting papers are unscented and the all-natural papers will not remove aftershave, cologne, moisturizer or sunblock. The paper acts as a toner, making it great for after shaving or showering. Each blotting paper dispenser retails for $14. More info:

l Skincare Technologies, Inc., Chicago, lL, introduced the HandSpa, the first LED system devoted to anti-aging of the backs of hands. The HandSpa uses red and amber light energy to turn back the clock by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and sun spots, according to the company.

l Alterna offers three new products that combat UV rays and protect against harsh water. The Life Curls Detangler ($18) contains Elasto-Complex with moringa seed micro proteins and UV protectants that fortify weak sections of curls. The Hemp Seed Split Ends Reconstructor ($15) is infused with nutrient-rich hemp seed oil and other conditioning emollients that seal frayed cuticles. The Caviar Rapid Repair Spray ($28) is formulated with Alterna’s Age-Control Complex and targets the aging process.

l Japan’s Yu-Be Moisturizing skin cream, which is manufactured by Yuskin Pharmaceutical Company, promises to treat everything from diaper rash to stretch marks and split cuticles to cracked heels. The skin cream is glycerin-based, with one of the highest levels of glycerin (40%) of any skin care product available. This makes the product easily absorbed by the skin, providing superior moisturization.

l Rene Furterer introduced Carthame treatment products for dry scalp and hair. Rich in carthame and hazelnut oils, Carthame Moisturizing Milk shampoo promises to restore softness and provide comfort to the scalp. Essential fatty acids, vitamin B5 and a specific moisturizing complex ensure optimal scalp and hair hydration and protection. Smoothing agents protect dry hair and make detangling easier. The shampoo retails for $23. More info:

l Ona Spa, Los Angeles, CA, introduced Ona Lumière Light Thèrapie, a new treatment that incorporates “heliotherapy” (exposure to light) to reverse skin damage. The device delivers pure, uniform and safe narrowband red light that activates a series of responses in specific cells in the skin, converting light energy into the cellular building blocks required by the body. The all-natural method is non-invasive, non-thermal and non-laser.

l PS-The New Clean has created a complete line of hospital-strength hand sanitizing products and household disinfecting cleaners. Adapted from existing, proven formulations originally developed for hospitals, and doctor and dentist offices, PS has been reformulated with fragrance and repackaged for the consumer market. PS has the industrial strength used by healthcare professionals but with a more pleasant smell. PS products currently consist of hand soaps, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and sprays. More info:

l The Green Apple Peel from Juice Beauty, San Rafael, CA, is now offered in a sensitive skin formula.
The peel is packed with certified organic juice base of apple, lemon, grape, raw cane sugar and white willow bark to dissolve and free dull, lifeless skin for visibly improved skin tone and texture. Antioxidants and essential nutrients hydrate and nourish fresh skin for a healthy complexion. A 2-oz. jar retails for $39 and a convenient Try Me! size of .25oz. retails for $4.75.

l Terax Hair Care is relaunching a collection of hair care and body care products that will offer more modern ingredients and focus on gentle care for specific hair needs. Shampoos feature carefully selected botanicals and sunflower seed extract to help preserve hair color. All products are sulfate and sodium chloride free and feature no artificial colors. Crema, the line’s star product, is the only formula that remains unchanged, for a fresh new fragrance. The new Terax Hair Care and Body line is comprised of 21 SKUs, including three sizes of Crema, five shampoos in two sizes, two leave-in conditioners, five stylers and one body product. Prices range from $9 to $48. More info:

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