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Photoprotective Cosmetic Is Patented by LOral

February 29, 2008

Photoprotective Cosmetic Is Patented by L’Oréal

Photoprotective Cosmetic Is Patented by L’Oréal

Patent No. US 7,326,407 B2

: L’Oréal Paris, France has patented a topically applicable cosmetic/dermatological composition suited for the UV-photoprotection of human skin/keratinous materials, comprising an effective UV-photoprotecting amount of at least one amine, amide, sulphonamide or carbamate substituted benzalmalonic salt compound.

Procter & Gamble Patents Detergent Composition

Patent No. US 7,326,676 B2:

An aqueous liquid laundry detergent composition suitable for cleaning and imparting fabric care benefits to fabrics laundered using such a composition, has been assigned to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH.

Dow Patents Topical Acne Medication

Patent No. US 7,326,408 B2:

A method for increasing the compliance in the use of topical sunscreens comprising a photostable, chemically stable and physically stable formulation for topical application to the skin for treating acne vulgaris and protecting skin from the harmful effects of chronic exposure to the sun comprising a vehicle, one or more sunscreen agents dissolved or suspended in the vehicle, which sunscreen agent is selected from the group consisting of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, bisoctrizole, anisotriazine, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and derivatives has been assigned to Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences, Petaluma, CA.

Unilever Patents Cosmetic Composition

Patent No. US 7,329,403 B2:

A cosmetic composition in the form of an anhydrous soft solid, comprising at least 60% by weight in total of a water immiscible carrier liquid and structurant system, was patented by Unilever Home & Personal Care Division of Conopco, Inc., Chicago, IL.

Kegel LLC Patents Household Cleaning Composition

Patent No. US 7,326,674 B2:

A cleaning composition comprising a mixture including: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, an alkali metal alkylbenzene sulfonate, an ingredient selected from the group consisting of a trialkyl glycol monoalkyl ether, limonene and mixtures thereof; and a compound selected from the group consisting of sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate and mixtures thereof, said composition being in the form of a self-sustaining body and being free of binders, zeolite, and clay has been patented by Kegel, LLC, Lake Wales, FL.

Wella Patents Keratin Brightening Method

Patent No. US 7,326,254 B2:

A ready-to-use agent for the simultaneous brightening and coloring of keratin fibers   has been assigned to Wella AG, Darmstadt, Germany.

LycoRed Awarded Patent for Skin Proctectant

IP Australia granted patent protection to LycoRed Ltd. for an  invention in the field of skin care. The innovation is a carotenoid composition of lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene and optionally vitamin E that protects the skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. The novelty of this invention lies in the fact that it is not, as one might expect, a topical application.

Rather, LycoRed’s researchers have come up with a natural tomato carotenoid composition that helps prevent sunburn when taken orally.  This novel cosmeceutical preparation can be delivered via a dietary supplement or in a fortified food or beverage.

“While up until now, the dominant means for supplementing the diet with important nutrients was via capsules, what we offer here, is quite unique,” states Zohar Nir, Ph.D., vice president of new product development, LycoRed.

“This is a natural lycopene composition that can be either encapsulated in a soft gel or easily added to a beverage to create a year round fortified sun protection drink. While it does not replace topical sunscreen, when taken daily, it provides a degree of both UVA and UVB protection even during months of the year when one is not likely to apply a topical lotion,” added Mr. Nir.

“Flexibility is key, we need to meet the needs of today’s consumers, and while the convenience of a capsule may work for some, others will welcome these sun protection ingredients in a more traditional food form, like a juice drink. LycoRed can supply a variety of ingredient options to support the new cosmeceutical concept,” he concluded.

Research supporting this patent yielded two findings: first, natural lycopene is more effective than synthetic in protecting the skin from UV damage, and second, natural lycopene’s efficacy is improved when combined with phytoene, phytofluene and vitamin E⎯other antioxidants found naturally in the tomato.

LycoRed, with regional facilities in the U.S., Europe and Israel, supplies natural carotenoids and a wide range of other nutritional and colorant ingredients to the dietary supplement, functional food and cosmetic industries, worldwide.