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New Anti-Aging Treatment

March 28, 2008

New Anti-Aging Treatment

Bioderm Research Patents New Anti-aging Treatment

Patent No. US 7,320,797 B2:

has been assigned to Bioderm Research. It provides a comprehensive solution to skin problems associated with natural topical aging via the incorporation of an extra-cellular antioxidant agent, an intra-cellular antioxidant agent, an anti-inflammatory agent, a collagen boosting agent and a carrier base.

Conopco Patents Cleansing Article

Patent No. US 7,335,626 B2:

A darkly colored cleaning article with a distributed polymeric network was patented by Conopco, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Antiperspirant Composition Patented by Unilever

Patent No. US 7,332,153 B2:

An antiperspirant composition comprising: an antiperspirant active material; a continuous phase which comprises water immiscible liquid carrier comprising a silicone oil and/or a non-silicone hydrophobic organic liquid selected from hydrocarbons, hydrophobic aliphatic esters, aromatic esters, hydrophobic alcohols and hydrophilic ethers, and a structurant therein which comprises a cyclodipeptide derivative, has been assigned to Unilever Home & Personal Care USA, Division of Conopco, Inc., Chicago, IL.

KerrHawe Patents Cleaning Agent

Patent No. US 7,332,150 B2:

An abrasive component for a cleaning agent in a product intended for use on delicate surfaces, especially teeth, has been assigned to KerrHawe S.A., Bioggio, Switzerland.

Liquid Laundry Detergent Patented by P&G

Patent No. US 7,335,630 B2:

An aqueous liquid laundry detergent composition suitable for cleaning and imparting fabric care benefits to fabrics laundered using such a composition has been patented by The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH.

L’Oréal Patents Antiperspirant

Patent No. US 7,332,154 B2:

A composition comprising: zinc gluconate, and at least one antiperspirant aluminum salt; wherein the zinc gluconate/-antiperspirant aluminum salt weight ratio ranges from 1/100 to 10/1 has been assigned to L’Oréal Paris, France.

Unilever Patents Cosmetic Composition

Patent No. US 7,332,152 B2:

A skin lightening cosmetic composition  has been patented by Unilever Home & Personal Care USA, division of Conopco, Inc., Greenwich, CT.

Ciba Patents Stabilized Composition

Patent No. US 7,338,538 B2:

A stabilized composition comprising a body care product, household cleaning agent, or household treating agent selected from the group consisting of skin care products, bath and shower products, liquid soaps, bar soaps, preparations containing fragrances and odoriferous substances, hair care products, dentrifrices, deodorizing and antiperspirant preparation, was patented by Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation, Tarrytown, NY.

P&G Patents Dye Composition

Patent No. US 7,338,537 B2:

A composition for the oxidative dyeing of keratin fibers has been assigned to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH.

Cosmetic Composition Patented by Estée Lauder

Patent No. US 7,338,538 B2:

An anhydrous cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition for coating keratinous fibers, the composition comprising more than 50% of at least one perfluoro compound selected from the group consisting of perfluorocycloalkanes, hydrofluoroethers and perfluoromorpholines was assigned to ELC Management LLC, Melville, NY.

Rohm & Haas Patents Encapsulation System

Patent No. US 7,338,928 B2:

A system for releasing one or more active ingredients from a composition comprising one or more oil absorbing polymers and a coating comprising one or more water sensitive, surface active polymers; wherein the active ingredients are encapsulated was assigned to Rohm and Haas Company, Philadelphia, PA