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Unilever Patents Silky Feel Cosmetic Emulsion Chassis

April 30, 2008

Unilever Patents Silky Feel Cosmetic Emulsion Chassis

Unilever Patents Silky Feel Cosmetic Emulsion Chassis

Patent No. US 7,361,363 B2:

Unilever researchers have patented a cosmetic composition consisting of:
    • from about 10 to about 50% of glycerin;
    • a sensory effective amount of a non-gelatinized modified starch selected from the group consisting of a C2-C5 hydroxyalkyl starch and a C2-C18 acyl starch and
    • from about one to about 30% of a crystalline gel structurant comprising a surfactant and co-surfactant.

Antiplaque Gum Patented by Colgate

Patent No. US 7,354,569 B2:

Colgate-Palmolive researchers have patented a gum that contains a fruit enzyme, a non-cariogenic sweetener and an enzyme stabilizing agent. The enzyme maintains its initial activity over at least a four-week period when stored at 23°C.

Waterless Lotion and Lotion-Treated Substrate

Patent No. US 7,361,361 B2:

Georgia-Pacific has patented a wet-laid cellulosic tissue that contains a microemulsion composition comprising an antiviral compound. The microemulsion composition is liquid at room temperature and undergoes a phase change to a semi-solid or solid upon contact with the wet-laid cellulosic tissue. The antiviral compound may contain bioflavonoids, dicarboxylic acids, alpha hydroxy carboxylic acids, neem seed oil, sandalwood oil, protease inhibitors and their mixtures.

Automatic Dishwash Formula Patented

Patent No. US 7,361,632 B2:

Reckitt Benckiser researchers have patented a process for the inhibition of corrosion of glassware in an automatic dishwashing process. The zinc-containing, water-soluble glass composition contains from 41 to 54 mole % of P2O5, 10 to 30 mole % of alkali metal oxides, up to 5 mole % of SO3 and up to 25 mole % of ZnO.

Pesticide Contains Plant Essential Oils

Patent No. US 7,361,366 B2:

A pesticidal composition, comprising a pesticidally-acceptable carrier and a pesticidally-effective amount of a pesticidally-active agent consisting of pyrethrum and thyme oil, with the proviso that no other pesticidally-active agent is present has been patented by Ecosmart Technologies.

Masking and Removing Stains from Solid Surfaces

Patent No. US 7,358,218 B2:

The Research Foundation at the University of Central Florida has patented a liquid stain remover made up of titanium dioxide, oxalic acid, platinum and liquid solvent. 

Fabric Deodorizer Contains Amine Oxide

Patent No. US 7,358,219 B2:

Kao researchers have patented a liquid fabric deodorizer that contains 0.1-2.0% by weight of a compound having at least one amine oxide group in the molecule and one or two groups selected from C8 to C22 alkyl groups and alkenyl groups in the molecule, and a buffer solution.

Bleach Activator Patented by P&G

Patent No. US 7,358,220 B2:

An alkoxylated polyol containing bleach activating terminating functional groups, has been patented by Procter & Gamble. The polyol source comprises at least two hydroxy moieties, at least one of the hydroxy moieties further comprising an alkoxy moiety. The alkoxy moiety is selected from the group consisting of ethoxy, propoxy, butoxy and mixtures thereof.

Skin-Conditioning Shaving Composition

Patent No. US 7,354,573 B2:

Researchers in the UK have patented a skin-conditioning shaving cream that contains:
    • 2-15% stearic acid;
    • 5-20% glycerin and/or 5-10% grapeseed oil;
    • 2-10% glyceryl stearate;
    • 0.5-5% grapefruit seed extract;
    • sodium hydroxide to adjust pH to 6.0-6.5; and
    • water.

Laundry Additive Sachet

Patent No. US 7,351,683 B2

: Researchers from Procter & Gamble, Italy have patented a laundry detergent sachet containing a liquid composition (bleaching agent, colorant and non-liquid matrix) and a second liquid composition including a second colorant and a laundry additive.

Cosmetic Composition

Patent No. US 7,361,364 B2:

Unilever researchers have patented a cosmetic composition substantially free of fatty acids and soaps, and comprising: C12-C22 fatty alcohol (3 to 10%); emulsifier (0.1 to 5%); inorganic agent (2 to 5%); polymer (0.1 to 5%) and water (at least 65%). According to Unilever, the composition provides sensory characteristics of a vanishing cream after topical application.