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November 7, 2008

SCC Annual Scientific Meeting Is Dec. 11-12 New York City

The Society for Cosmetic Chemists is now accepting registrations for the 2008 SCC Annual Meeting and Technology Showcase, which will be held Dec.11-12, 2008 at The New York Hilton. Early registration, which offers $50 off the onsite registration fee, is available through Nov. 21.  Online registration is open until Dec. 5. Onsite registration is $750 for members and $850 for non-members for the full conference. “Thursday Only” onsite fees will be $600 for members and $700 for non-members. The “Friday Only” onsite fee will be $500 and $600 for members and non-members, respectively. Hotel registration forms are also available online at the SCC’s website, and can be faxed back to SCC for processing.

Scientific Presentations

Here is a closer look at the presentations scheduled for the scientific meeting:

Session A:

“Multi-Cultural Skin Care Technology,” which will be held Thursday, Dec. 11 from 9-11:30 a.m., will be moderated by Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos. Presentations will include: “Specific Filaggrin Inducer, Prydoxine and its Derivative:  Effects on Cultured Human Keratinocytes and  Human Intact Skin,” by Hitoshi Masaki, Ph.D., Miyuki Fujishiro, Syoichi Yahagi and Yuri Okano, Nikkol Group Cosmos Technical Center; “Confocal Raman Spectroscopy of Active Permeation into  Stratum Corneum from Lamellar Lipid Formulations,” by David Moore, X. Bi, D. Koelmel and M Gorcea, International Specialty Products;  “Multicultural Skin Technology,” by Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, Dermatology Consulting Services; and “Rebuilding People: The Coming Era of Tissue Engineering, Frontiers of Science Award Lecture,” sponsored by Cosmetics & Toiletries, by Buddy D. Ratner, Ph.D. University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials.

Session B:

“In-Vitro Alternatives,” which will run from 1:30–4:00 p.m. (concurrent), will be moderated by Mindy S. Goldstein. Presentations will include: “Glycokines: Sugar Molecules with Specific Messenger Activity Improve Tissular Cohesion as Measured with a Novel, Non-Invasive, Non-Touch “Elasticity” Technology,” by Karl Lintner, Ph.D., Philippe Mondon, Ph.D., Claire Mas Chamberlain and Carol Lemogine  Sederma (presented on behalf of Sederma by Denise Gabriele); “The Study of Cellular Senescence in vitro: Models, Protocols and Mechanisms and Ways to Delay the Onset of Senescence in vitro,” by Karl Lintner, Ph.D., Philippe Mondon, Ph.D., and Claire Mas Chamberlain, Sederma; “Papillary Dermis: A New Biological Target of the Intrinsic Cutaneous Aging,” by David Boudier, Laetitia Marchand and Brigitte Closs of Silab; “Complying with New FDA Guidelines for In Vitro Evaluation of UVA Protection,” by Olga Dueva-Kaganov, Ph.D., Colleen Rocafort,  Steven Orofino and Uli Osterwalder of Ciba Corporation; and “A Novel Ex-Vivo Pig Skin Organ Culture Model for Use in Efficacy and Safety Testing,” by Gabriele Vielhaber1, Ph.D., Michele Massironi and Paolo Pertile of Symrise GmbH & Co. and Cutech.

Session C:

“Multi-Cultural Hair Care Technology,” which will run from 1:30–4 p.m. (concurrent), will be moderated by Colleen Rocafort. Presentations will include: “Multifunctional Shine and Hold Technology  for Ethnic Hair Care,” Andrea Keenan, Robert Antrim, Ph.D. and John Reffner, Ph.D., Rohm & Haas Company; “Water- and Sweat-Resistant Styling Using Acrylate Polymers,” Duane Krzysik, David Faivre and Dorina Ghirardi, Lubrizol Advanced Materials/Noveon; “How Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters Enhance the Performance of the Ethnic Hair Relaxer on Hair and Scalp,” Grace Hastings, Brooke Marshall, Gina Bowser  and Lawrence Rheins, Ph.D., Floratech; “Measurement of Hair Moisture Content Utilizing  Novel Analytical and Real-Time Techniques,” Michael Davis and Sam W. Stofel, Procter & Gamble Beauty; and “Small Angle Neuron Scattering of Human Hair in Relation to Diffusion of Absorbed Water,” Yash Kamath, Ph.D. and N. Sanjeeva Murthy, Kamath Consulting, Inc. and Rutgers University.

Session D:

On Friday, Dec. 11, the first session, which will run from 9-11:30 a.m. (concurrent), is titled “Sustainability and Social Responsibility.” The moderator is Dr. Robert Bianchini. Presentations will include:  “Sustainability and DuPont, (Keynote Award Lecture sponsored by Ruger Chemical Corporation),  Linda J. Fisher  E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company; “Measuring Sustainability at BASF,” James L. Bero, BASF Corporation;  “The Elements of Sustainability at Dow,” Ann Wallen, Ph.D. The Dow Chemical Company, “Eco-Responsible Cosmetics,” Alban Muller. Alban Muller International;  and “A Natural Sustainable Process for Growing Micro-Algae and Harvesting Skin Protective Exo-Saccharides,” Anthony Day, Ph.D., Harrison Dillon, Ph.D., Jeffrey Avila,  Daniel Elefant and Geoffrey Brooks, Solazyme, Inc.
According to SCC, scientific sessions E and F have been organized as a special tribute to the late Dr. Des Goddard.

Session E:

Moderated by Wil Hemker, this session will run from 9:00-11:30 a.m. It is titled “Polymer/Surfactant Delivery Systems for Personal Care.” Presentations will include: “Recent Advances in Surfactant Interactions with Proteins,”  K.P. Ananthapadmanabhan, L. Yang and A. Lips, Unilever R&D;  “The Science of Polymer Surfactant Interactions,” Susan L. Jordan, Ph.D., Alan Theis, Ph.D., Scott Gaynor, Sudhakar Balijepalli, Mladen Ladika, Tom Kalantar, Ph.D., Tatiana Drovetskaya, Ph.D., Dave Hawn and Beth Nichols, The Dow Chemical Company; “The Modeling of Polycation Surfactant Complexes in Shampoos with Deposition Properties,” Manuel Gamez-Garcia, Ph.D., Ciba Corporation; and “Polymer-Surfactant Association for  Improved Tissue Compatibility,” Russel Walters, Ph.D., Michael Fevola, Ph.D., Neena Tierney, Ph.D., Joseph LiBrizzi, Ph.D., and Katharine Martin, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products.

Session F: 

The final session of the 2008 scientific meeting is “Polymer/Surfactant Internation–Fundamental Aspects.” It will run from 1:30-4 p.m. and will be moderated by Dr. Linda Rhein. Presentations will include:  “Polyquaternium-10: Cornerstone of a  Personal Care Revolution,” James V. Gruber, Ph.D., Arch Personal Care Products; “Cationic Hydroxyethylcellulose: Anionic Surfactant Interactions in the Presence of Salt,” Robert Lochhead, Ph.D., and Lisa R. Gandolfi, University of Southern Mississippi; “Polymer-Surfactant Interactions:  Rheology and Phase Behavior in Concentrated Systems  with Hydrophobically Modified Polymers,” Robert K. Prud’homme, Princeton University; and “Water Dispersible Sulfopolyesters: Properties and Applications,” Jim McCaulley, Keith Cox, Suzanne Dobbs, Scott George, Ed McEntire and Terry Oldfield, Eastman Chemical Company.
In addition to the presentations, there will be a special tribute to Des Goddard by Brian Pethica as well as an informal tribute by Dr. Miklos Breuer. Prior to the meeting, SCC has scheduled two continuing education program for Dec. 10. Both will run from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Randy Wickett, Ph.D will serve as the instructor for “Basic Skin Science,” while John McCook will be the leader of the “Creative Thinking & Innovation” seminar. More info:

Call for Papers: Sunscreen Symposium

The Florida chapter of SCC has issued a call for papers for the 2009 Sunscreen Symposium, which will be held Sept. 9-13, 2009. Authors are invited to submit titles and abstracts of no more than 150 words for original papers. All topics related to cosmetic science will be considered for presentation.  Topics of particular interest for submission of abstracts are:
    • Products and Evaluation of Sunscreen Products;
    • Evaluation of Sunscreen Drug Substances;
    • UVA Evaluation Methodologies;
    • Photostability of Sunscreens;
    • Delivery Systems:  (i.e. Wipes, Sponges, Bag on Valve);
    • Beyond Sunscreens–Benefits for the skin; and
    • Global Regulatory Requirements.
After acceptance of abstracts by the committee, all presenters will be required to submit preprints 12 weeks prior to presentation (minimum 200 words, maximum of two pages, including figures). Abstracts should be submitted to Kelly Lewellen 1190, U.S. Hwy. 1 North, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, or email:

26th IFSCC Abstract Deadline is Dec. 31, 2008

The 25th Congress of the International Federation Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) just concluded in Barcelona, but plans are already well underway for the next IFSCC Conference, which will be held in Melbourne, Oct. 7-9 at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.
The theme of the conference is “A Corroboree of Science & Beauty.” Deadline for abstract submission is Dec. 31, 2008. Deadline for notification of abstract acceptance is Jan. 31, 2009. Deadline for scientific manuscript submission is May 31, 2009. The abstract submission process is explained in detail on the website at
For those looking even further ahead, the 26th IFSCC Congress is scheduled for Sept. 20-23, 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The theme of the event is: “Innovation & Responsibility: Cosmetics Forever.”
Deadline for abstracts submission is Nov. 2, 2009. More info: Exhibitor info: Jorge Donati, exhibition committee coordinator, More info:

SCC Calendar

Nov. 5:

New York Chapter, monthly meeting, The Heldrich Hotel, New Brunswick, NJ. More info:

Nov. 6:

Ontario Chapter, meeting and installation of officers, The Venetian, Vaughan ON. More info:

Nov. 19:

Southeast Chapter, officer installation. More info:

Nov. 20:

New England Chapter, monthly meeting/annual past president’s night/installation of 2009 chapter officers. More info:

Nov. 28:

Ontario Chapter, holiday dinner dance,  The Venetian, Vaughan ON. More info:

Dec. 11-12:

SCC 2008 Annual Scientific Meeting and Showcase, New York Hilton, New York, NY. More info:


Jan. 15:

New England Chapter, meeting. More info:

March 26:

New England Chapter, meeting. More info:

April 16:

New England Chapter, meeting. More info:

Sept. 17:

New England Chapter, meeting. More info:

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