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February 9, 2009

SeaCliff Beauty Works with Bare Escentuals

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories created the packaging for the new Bare Escentuals’ RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer. SeaCliff produced the silkscreen printed, custom colored pearl and gold components in two sizes—30ml and 50ml—in an airless bottle.
“Bare Escentuals’ RareMinerals line is a prestige brand that looks to us to provide new packaging design concepts to reflect the high quality of their products,” said Vonda Simon, president of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories.  “We know that the packaging we fashioned will fit seamlessly into their complete line of luxurious cosmetics and skin care.”
The company also recently revamped its website, Specifically designed so new and existing clients can see how the company takes a product from conception to market, the website, launching Spring 2009, will also contain a portfolio highlighting some of SeaCliff’s work and a FAQ page that helps answer client’s packaging, branding and formulation questions, said the company.
“Our new streamlined website is in keeping with where we are now as a company––innovative, cutting edge and multi-faceted,” said Ms. Simon.  “We believe that each feature of the website will help both new and existing clients know the hard work, dedication and creativity that goes into each component we put out.”
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In Memoriam: Gino Nahum of Arrowpak

Gino Nahum (1921-2008), a warm, open, genuine and generous man who embraced his life and cherished his family, passed away in December 2008. His expansive, joyful version of family included
a network of colleagues around the world as well as associates at Arrowpak—the company he founded in 1980.
A formidable presence in the cosmetic packaging industry, Mr. Nahum worked with both heart and head, making a natural, immediate and authentic connection to people. Both his integrity and business skill were always apparent. He believed helping others was an integral part of any life well lived.
His strong clear spirit leaves a legacy through all the people he touched and loved. He may be honored with donations to Metropolitan Jewish Hospice through Metropolitan Jewish Health System Foundation. More info: (718) 759-4335.

Spectrum Commits to Renewable Energy


Spectrum Lithograph, Inc. will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equal to 100% of its energy use from Wind energy marketer and developer Community Energy.
“We’re proud to step up as a leader in our industry, and to do our part for the environment. Our customers recognize and value the commitment we’ve made to a safe and secure energy future. It’s pleasing to know that our electricity use is now matched with clean, renewable energy. We hope others will follow our lead and make the choice as well,” said Shawn Pereira, vice president of sales and marketing of Spectrum Lithograph, Inc.
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Visual Pak Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of Norka

Illinois-based packager Visual Pak boosted its portfolio with the acquisition of Wisconsin-based Norka Incorporated, a specialty packaging company providing commercial printing and custom paper conversion. Norka, which will continue to operate out of its Appleton, WI facility, will provide Visual Pak with niche expertise and experience. The deal fits with Visual Pak’s plan to provide broader capabilities and increased flexibility to its customers.
“Top consumer products companies today are looking to outsource to contract manufacturers and packagers who deliver real value. That’s not just cost savings. It’s quality that meets their standards. It’s the flexibility to provide a single service or to be the single source, and it’s the responsiveness to adjust to the needs and spikes of the project,” said Clayton Bolke, chief executive of Visual Pak, “That’s our strategy. It’s customer-centric, and the addition of the Norka team is an important step in the execution of that strategy.”
“We are pleased to bring our particular expertise to The Visual Pak family. And we are truly excited about bringing the substantial capabilities of The Visual Pak Companies to our customer base,” said Bob Weber, Norka’s sales and marketing manager. “Our areas of expertise are highly complimentary and our commitment to highly personalized service is most definitely shared. It’s a great fit.”

P&G Wins Patent Dispute with Fruit of the Earth

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) and Fruit of the Earth have reached a settlement in the lawsuit P&G filed on Dec. 12, 2007 against Fruit of the Earth for trade dress and patent infringement on its Olay Regenerist brands.
The parties have agreed to a Consent Judgment in which Fruit of the Earth recognized the validity of rights in the Olay Regenerist Trade Dress and certain patent rights identified in the lawsuit. Fruit of the Earth has also agreed to revise its product offerings. The remaining terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
“P&G is committed to developing and manufacturing branded products that delight consumers and deliver incredible value. We don’t make our Olay formulas or quality available under any store brand. P&G will continue to vigorously protect our proprietary formulas and the trade dress that consumers associate with the brands they trust,” said Steve Jemison, P&G’s chief legal officer.

Rexam Reports Growing Global Interest in Its Prodigio Lotion Pump

Bottega Verdeís Uomo Energy Power anti-wrinkle, anti-stress formulation, and Kelemataís Victor anti-fatigue cold cream both recently reached European retail shelves utilizing Rexam’s Prodigio, the airless, neutral, 100% recyclable lotion pump designed with the company’s patented CleanPoint technology. According to the company, with its sleek, sculpted styling and high-performance design, Rexam’s Prodigio is precision-engineered to provide unsurpassed cleanliness, neutrality and shelf appeal. The Bottega Verde product was customized with matching electric-blue actuator and tank, while the Kelemata entry was created with a black actuator and green-labeled tank.
“Two recent launches of European prestige brands demonstrates the appeal of our innovative beauty packaging, which builds brands,” said Virginie Lemeunier, product manager, lotion, Rexam Personal Care. “The Prodigio looks great on the retail shelf, and offers true consumer benefits, through elimination of drips, clogs and product contamination.”
Rexam’s proprietary, air-proof CleanPoint dispensing technology features a mechanically-closed actuator channel that keeps the lotion exit-point neat, clear and free of messy build-up.
The mechanism primes and pumps flawlessly, slides back after every actuation, and prevents product return after contact, according to the company. 
To ensure the neutrality of this 100% recyclable lotion pump, the Prodigio is fitted with polypropylene and polyethylene components. There is no elastomer or metal contact with the lotion.
Furthermore, the Prodigio can dispense precise dosage of today’s fragile, viscous formulations, thanks to wider internal channels, and is designed to withstand high-speed atmospheric filling and other processes. 
“The Prodigio design feels right in the consumer’s hand and offers smooth actuation,” said Ms. Lemeunier. “On top of the enhanced ergonomics and functionality is the fact that the Prodigio is designed with a large decoration area, for optimal point-of-sale impact and profitability. 
“No wonder we expect worldwide usage of Prodigio to grow in the months ahead, in men’s and women’s products ranging from mass market to prestige.”
The Rexam Personal Care Division’s customers includes brands such as P&G, L’Oréal, YSL, LVMH, Unilever and many others throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.
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