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April 1, 2009

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2009: Innovate for a Greener World

Innovate for a Greener World is the theme of the 2009 New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ annual Suppliers’ Day, which will be held May 12-13at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ.

In a world where everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint and go green, this event will provide your company with an opportunity to learn new and innovative ways to create products that are not only beneficial to your customers, but also to the world at large.

New to this year’s show will be global industry representatives from South America, Europe, China, India and other markets in addition to local vendors, according to event organizers.

“With over 500 exhibitor booths this year, we maintain our spot as the number one raw materials show in North America for the cosmetic and personal care industry.With such a diverse group of raw material suppliers under one roof, it is sure to be an informative two days for all,” said Erich M. Bodnar, 2009 Chair, New York Chapter, Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day.

Registration, exhibitor and sponsorship information is available online.

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Annual Scientific Seminar Set for June in Chicago

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ annual Scientific Seminar will be held June 4-5 at the Chicago Hilton. Here is an overview of the program.

Thursday, June 4 Session A – Anti-Aging (9-11 a.m.)—Moderator: Mindy Goldstein, Ph.D., Estée Lauder Companies. Keynote speaker: Gail Civille of Sensory Spectrum, “The Influence of Sensory Perception on Consumer Perceptions of Liking and Performance.” Presentations: “Phyto-chemical Fermentation: A Natural Way to Fuse Plant Chemistry and Microbiology to Potentiate Skin Care Activity,” Smitha Rao, Judith Bernabe, James V. Gruber, Ph.D., Lisa Bouldin and Maria Dominquez, Arch Personal Care; “Novel High Performance Wrinkle Corrector Capable of Gene Expression Modification Related to the Causes of Cell Aging,” Carla Perez, Sandy Dumont, Ph.D., Laetitia Cuttuzzato and Corinne Stolz, Seppic; and “Bio-flavonoids: Benefits for Skin and Formulating ‘Green,’” Howard Epstein, Frank Pfluecker, Corinna Wirth, Rudiger Graf, Maria Prenzel, Bettina Magsaam and Michelle Quinn, EMD Chemicals, Inc. and Merck KGaA.

Session B – Analytical (1:30-4:00 p.m. concurrent)—Moderator: Martha Tate, Ph.D., Kimberly-Clark Corp. Presentations: “13C NMR Analytical Study to Determine Free Formaldehyde Availability on Two Formaldehyde Donors, Imidazolidinyl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea,” Michael Tallon, John Merianos, Ph.D. and Sangeetha Subramanian, International Specialty Products; “Techniques of Deformulation (Reverse Engineering),” Christopher Palazzolo, Chemir Analytical Services; “Improved HPTLC Separation of Lipids and Phospholipids in Cosmetics by Using Automated Multiple Development (AMD),” Ingo Schellen-berg, Ph.D. and Kathrin Kabrodt, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and Institute of Bioanalytical Sciences; and “Thickness of the Liquid Film Left Behind a Moving Wet Wipe: Theoretical and Experimental Study,” Gerardo Callegari, Ph.D., I. Tyomkin, A. Baker, K. Zwick, P. Kaplan and A. Neimark, TRI/Princeton, Kimberly-Clark Corp. and Rutgers University.

Session C – Formulations (1:30 - 4:00 p.m. concurrent)—Moderator: Jim Vlasic, Greenway Research Lab. Presentations: “Boosting of Glycerin Hydration and Desquamometry in the Stratum Corneum,” Eric Abrutyn of TPC2 Advisors Ltd., Inc.; “New Formulation Capabilities Using Water-in Silicone Emulsifiers,” Joanna Newton, Beatrice Durand, Veronique Kowandy, Sylvain Masse and Ingrid Vervier, Dow Corning Corporation; “SPF Retention via Silicone Derivatives,” Stacy Mundschau, Corey Cunningham and Scott Wenzel, Kimberly-Clark Corporation; and “A Better Understanding of Structure– Properties Connections of Thickening-Stabilizing Polymers,” Alicia Roso, Stephanie Bassett, Olivier Braun and Paul Mallo, Seppic.

Friday, June 5, Session D – Hair: New Methodologies (9-11:30 a.m.)—Moderator: Robert Lochhead, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi. Presentations: “Characterization of Hair Damage and its Effect on Hair Color Fading and the Routes for Color Protection from Shampoo Stripping,” Yan Zhou, Linda Foltis, David Moore, Ray Rigoletto, Wosson Solomon, Grise Tummul and Xin Qu, International Specialty Products; “Flow Cell Microscopy: A Novel Method to Visualize Product Deposition on Hair,” Renee Bolden, Ph.D., Dirk Domaschko, Julie Lubbers, Marge Peffley, Jian Yang, Yujun Li and Mark Brown, Procter & Gamble; “Effects of Natural Proteins and Protein Hydrolyzates on Hair Electrokinetics and Wettability,” Susan Daly, Robert Bianchini, Ph.D., Thomas Polefka and Janusz Jachowicz, Ph.D., Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products and Better Cosmetics, LLC; and “Quantification of Fiber Fragmentation of Hair through Combing as a Measure of Thermal Protection,” Ray Rigoletto, Jean Karolak and Don Koelmel, International Specialty Products.

Session E — Multicultural Hair Care (1:30 - 4:00 p.m.)—Moderator: Colleen Rocafort, Ciba Corporation. Presentations: “Synchrotron X-Ray Tomography of African-American Hair Reveals a Reduction in Fiber Density as a Result of 2.5% NaOH Relaxer Treatment,” Guive Balooch, Ph.D., Crystal Porter and Harold Bryant, L’Oréal Institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin; “Hair Breakage for the African-American Consumer: Causes and Consumer Perception,” Bradford Pistorio, Ph.D., Grace Yang, Crystal Porter, Felicia Dixon and Harold Bryant, L’Oréal Institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin; and “Quantifying Differences in the Propensity for Breakage in Afro and Caucasian Hair,” Trefor Evans, Ph.D. ofTRI/Princeton.

A student poster session will be held Thursday and Friday. The posters are judged and awarded for first, second, third and fourth place. The awards, sponsored by DD-Chemco, will be presented to the winners at the Friday luncheon.

Here are the COSA Mini Breakfast Seminars scheduled each morning. June 4: 7:30 a.m. - 8:50 a.m., “Aging Skin,” Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, Dermatology Consulting Services, and 7:30 a.m.-8:50 a.m., “Natural Chemistry—The Green Jungle,” Karl Lintner, Ph.D, Sederma. June 5: 7:30 a.m.-8:50 a.m., “Ethnic Products Categories Versus Today’s Style and Technology,” Patrick Obukowho; Advantage Research Lab, LLC and “Strategies for High Throughput Formulation,” Robert Y. Lochhead, Ph.D., The Institute for Formulation Science.

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Continuing Education Courses Cover Wide Range of Subjects

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ Continuing Education courses provide attendees with special opportunities to expand their knowledge and understanding of various aspects of cosmetic chemistry.

The remaining classes scheduled for 2009 include:
April 16: Antiperspirant & Deodorant Technology, Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel (Philip Klepak, instructor);
May 5: Botanicals & Natural Ingredients, Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel (Arthur Georgalas, instructor);
June 3: Scale Up & Processing Cosmetic Formulations, Chicago Hilton (Instructor David Yacko) and Ethnic Hair Care, Chicago Hilton (Patrick Obukowho, instructor);
July 20: Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry, Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel (Perry Romanowski, instructor); and
Aug. 11: Aerosol 101, Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel (Mac Bhuta, instructor).

In addition to these events, the SCC can bring onsite training courses directly to your entire development team at your location, offering convenience, team building with an in-depth focus on the course of your choice.

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