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July 8, 2009

Hair Bleach Kit Patented by Procter & Gamble

U.S. Patent No. 7,541,023 B2; The Procter & Gamble Company has been awarded a patent for a hair bleach product in kit form.

It is comprised of a peroxide-based developer component containing, by weight, approximately 6-12% hydrogen peroxide; a powder activator component comprised of 40-80% by weight of an alkali metal persulfate selected from the group consisting of sodium persulfate, potassium persulfate and ammonium persulfate, an alkalizing agent component in an aqueous vehicle comprised of 3-25% of an alkalizing agent by weight; and a colorant present in an amount of from 0.1-2.5% by weight of the powder activator component, wherein the colorant is selected from the group consisting of ultramarine blue, D&C Yellow No. 10, aluminum lake, D&C Red No. 30 lake, and D&C Yellow No. 5 zirconium lake.

The product, upon admixture of components and applied to the hair, contains, on a weight basis, approximately 4-6% hydrogen peroxide, approximately 5-9% alkali metal persulfate, approximately 4-6% alkalizing agent and approximately 1-2% colorant, according to the patent.

Detangling Shampoo Patented by Unilever

U.S. Patent No. 7,541,320 B2; Unilever Home & Personal Care USA has patented a mild aqueous shampoo with excellent detangling and conditioning properties.

It is comprised of approximately 6-8% of an alkyl ethoxy sulfate surfactant wherein the alkyl group has an average of 12-16 carbon atoms and the degree of ethoxylation is at least 3; from about 2-7% of a betaine surfactant; from about 2-7% of a hydroxy-sultaine surfactant; from about 0.1-5% of a non-volatile, water-insoluble silicone; at least about 70% water; and less than 2% of an added surfactant selected from the group consisting of alkyl sulfates and alkyl or alkyl aryl sulfonates, ethoxylated alkylphenols and ethanolamides of aliphatic acids. The weight ratio of the betaine surfactant to the hydroxysultaine surfactant is in the range from 0.5-1.5, and the weight ratio of the alkyl ethoxy sulfate surfactant to the sum of the weights of betaine surfactant and hydroxysultaine surfactant is in the range from 0.5-1.5. The composition has a wet-combing force less than approximately 20 gm-force as measured by the wet and dry combing force in-vitro assay.

Cleaning Contaminated Surfaces

U.S. Patent No. 7,540,926 B2; Innovation Services, Inc., Knoxville, TN, has patented a method for cleaning contaminated surfaces of surgical waste management equipment.The method entails rinsing surfaces of the equipment with water to remove water-soluble contaminants and waste material and applying an alkaline rinse solution having a pH ranging from 8.5-10 to the surfaces of the equipment to provide a residual film. The alkaline rinse solution consists of a first substantially hydro-philic nonionic alkoxylated alcohol surfactant having an HLB value ranging from 12-15; a second substantially hydrophilic nonionic alkoxylated alcohol surfactant having an HLB value ranging from 16-20; a bio-film permeation agent; and an aqueous solvent. A total of the first surfactant and the second surfactant in the rinse solution ranges from approximately 2-20% by weight of a total weight of the rinse solution and a ratio of the second surfactant to the first surfactant in the rinse solution ranges from approximately 2:1-4:1.

After the rinse solution is applied to the surface, a residual film remains on the surface.

Extruded Personal Washing Bar

U.S. Patent7,538,077 B2; Unilever has patented an extruded personal washing bar providing a unique combination of sensory attributes.
The bar is comprised of at least about 40% of a soap, from 0.1-20% of a polyol, no more than about 30% water, and 0.01-3% based on the weight of the bar composition of inclusions dispersed uniformly in bar. The inclusions comprise plate-like solid polymer particles having a longest edge dimension in the range of approximately 50-300 μm, and a thickness such that the ratio of the longest edge dimension to the thickness is in the range from about 1.5:1-15:1.
The bar is an extruded mass and each plate-like solid polymer particle is a laminate comprising a mixture of polyethylene terephthalate and acrylates copolymers, according to the patent literature.

Pesticidal Compositions with Plant Essential Oils

U.S. Patent 7,537,777 B2;
Ecosmart Technologies, Inc., Alpharetta, GA, has patented a method for controlling insects. It entails applying to an area where control of insects is desired an effective amount of a composition that contains an insecticidally-acceptable carrier and an insecticidally-active agent consisting of pyrethrum, benzyl alcohol and phenyl ethyl propionate, with the proviso that no other insecticidally-active agent is present.

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