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November 9, 2009

Tri-K Will Distribute for Phenbiox of Italy

TRI‐K Industries has been named an exclusive U.S. distributor for Phenbiox Srl. Based in Bologna, Italy, Phenbiox seeks to deliver new, natural ingredients to the cosmetic industry based on a unique, patented method of extraction.

The Phenbiox product line is based on capturing the complete range of curative and protective compounds from plants and applying these complexes to the skin for natural protection against environmental aggressions. The technology makes it possible to liquefy plant tissues, selectively and on a molecular scale, by performing specific “molecular cuts” with biotechnological tools. This method of extraction is far more targeted and precise than standard methods of solvent extraction, allowing for the capture of the complete range of protective molecules from the plant skin.

The Phenbiox range, which utilizes this unique technology to offer antioxidant and protective benefits to both skin and hair, includes Cruox, derived from wheat bran; Hydropom, derived from tomato skins and rich in lycopene; Oleox, derived from organic olives; ProStructure, derived from walnuts; and Uviox, derived from grape skins, according to the company.

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The Provital Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Provital Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Founded in Barcelona by Joseph Armengol, the firm began by producing plant extracts, almost exclusively. In recent years, Provital—while still providing the ingredients market with high quality extracts—has also focused on active molecules that are always extracted from natural vegetable sources and is doing business in 70 countries around the globe.

The company recently signed an agreement of mutual benefit and cooperation with a farming group in La Vall del Tenes, a rural area in the province of Barcelona. Today, Provital has four subsidiaries and remains dedicated at its core to quality products developed with respect for the natural resources and human resources.

SpongeTech Delivery Systems Files Suit Against Spongetech Inc.

SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc. has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Spongetech, Inc. (STI) in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The complaint alleges that California-based STI knowingly and willfully appropriated SpongeTech Delivery System’s trademark “SpongeTech” and solicited business specifically in New York under the company’s trademark. In addition, the site alleges that STI’s chief executive officer made statements to the New York Post that defamed the company.

The company is seeking permanent injunction barring STI from using the company’s trademark, including such items as labels, signs, packaging, advertising and promotional material with the use of “SpongeTech.” Further it is also seeking any profits derived from STI’s use of the company’s trademark as well as award damages to the company for injury to its reputation caused by STI’s defamatory statements.

Innovative Cosmetic Labs Opens New Manufacturing Site

Innovative Cosmetic Labs (ICL), a body care products manufacturer based in Northridge, CA, has opened a new manufacturing facility. With a fully integrated system operating through strict adherence to standard operating procedure and Good Manufacturing Practice Standards, ICL is dedicated to developing, producing and manufacturing the highest quality products with professional excellence.

Known for formulating derma e Natural Bodycare’s skin care line, ICL specializes in research and development; small batch crafted products made with natural ingredients; small runs of 2500 pieces with a capacity for 30,000 units daily; formulas ready for use; customization of formulas; paraben-free products; cruelty-free/vegan products; and complete stability testing.

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Sabinsa’s Cudahy Presents at Natural Products Expo

At SupplyExpo held in September in conjunction with the Natural Products Expo East, Sabinsa’s president and chief operating officer Jim Cudahy co-presented “Your Suppliers Can Kill You,” an educational session that helped ingredient buyers increase their expertise.

The seminar, which was co-presented by veteran regulatory attorney Marc Ullman, delved into what information buyers should require from their raw material suppliers prior to placing their first order. Understanding what suppliers are doing and how they are making the ingredients can save a company from a GMP failure or even a recall, according to the presenters.

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Tennessee Fine Soap & Liquids Begins Operations

Patricia Mullen, long time soap maven, has formed Tennessee Fine Soap and Liquids, LLC, a private label soap and liquids manufacturing firm. Based in Pulaski, TN, the company started operations in April. More info:

Now Foods To Hire 30 Staffers

Steady growth and recent expansion has created the need for Now Foods, Bloomingdale, IL, to add 30 new staff to its workforce. The additional staff will fill positions related to manufacturing and quality assurance.

The company—which manufactures more than 1,500 natural dietary supplements, sports nutrition, personal care products and health foods, has experienced 14.5% growth in hiring from December 2007 to December 2008.

Eluci International Is Now Operating as TaikiUSA

Eluci International Inc., a supplier of makeup and skin care components and accessories, has changed its business name to TaikiUSA, Inc. The East Rutherford, NJ firm has been a division of Taiki Group for more than 20 years.

TaikiUSA has named Jim Perry president/chief executive officer. In addition, Jan Wilson has been promoted to vice president, development.

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