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January 6, 2010

EPA OKs BASF Technology for H1N1 Sanitization

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of BASF’s Aseptrol S10 - Tab in H1N1 sanitization operations in institutional and industrial (I&I) facilities, such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, retail, restaurants and recreational facilities. Aseptrol S10 - Tab is based on chlorine dioxide (ClO2) release technology.

“Aseptrol S10 - Tab delivers a broad spectrum disinfectant as stated in the EPA label and kills a large number of pathogens, such as H1N1 virus, Avian Influenza A (H3N2), Influenza A, and HIV on contact surfaces, “ said Gary Dee, business director, home and personal care, Care Chemicals North America, BASF. “The tablet is stable when dry and is packed in foil pouches, saving energy and reducing overall logistic costs.”

High efficiency ClO2 is formed in the pores of the tablet when immersed in water. As the tablet dissolves, this powerful oxidizer disperses into the bulk solution. According to BASF, using the Aseptrol S10 - Tab is as easy as drop, spray and wipe: drop the tablet in a spray bottle containing water, spray it evenly on a non-porous surface and wipe the surface until dry. Treated surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes (or 30 minutes for Foot and Mouth Disease Virus). The solution does not leave a residue.

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SCJ’s Ingredient Website Ahead of Schedule

Just nine months after launching its ingredient disclosure site, SC Johnson has listed more than 200 products and their ingredients. WhatsInsideSCJohnson.comnow includes 129 air care products and 76 home cleaning products as well as explanations of the 169 ingredients that comprise these products.

In addition, SCJ said it will add a Spanish-language version for the U.S. market.

“Today’s families want to know what’s in the products they use in their homes,” said chairman and chief executive officer Fisk Johnson. “For us, it’s about living up to the trust our consumers put in us.”

SC Johnson’s ingredient disclosure site includes the company’s lineup of air care and home cleaning products, each with a consumer-friendly list of ingredients, a more technical list of ingredients using INCI nomenclature and an explanation of each ingredient’s purpose.

Additionally, the site lists the dyes used in the product, and effective Jan. 1, SCJ planned to provide preservative and fragrance ingredients—a departure from an industry right-to-know initiative announced in late 2008, which does not require the listing of dyes, fragrancesor preservatives.

“Transparency doesn’t mean cherry-picking which things to share and which things to hide. It means opening the door and letting people see what you’re made of,” noted Johnson. “We have already included in our ingredient communications the dyes we use in products, and we’re committed to communicating the fragrance ingredients and preservatives as well.”

SC Johnson is making its information accessible to consumers via the dedicated website as well as through a toll-free number and on product labels which will be phased in for home cleaning and air care products by January 2012.

Akzo Nobel Personal Care Adds Green Ingredients Page

With the global personal care industry increasingly going green, formulators are being challenged to include naturally derived ingredients that deliver good performance while satisfying stringent eco-standards. In response, AkzoNobel Personal Care has brought its wide range of naturally derived high-performance ingredients together on a special Formulate Green page that is easily accessible from the home page of AkzoNobel Personal Care’s website, AkzoNobel’s ingredients for formulating green are all plant-derived—from starches, from cellulose and from soy, among other sources. One click on the brand names of any of the ingredients listed delivers access to key technical, sales, regulatory, and formulation information essential to formulating green.

AkzoNobel Ecocert ingredients, which will make formulating certified products easier, and CO-certified ingredients, which will help formulators develop products that meet organic standards and can be certified organic, are quickly identified. In addition, formulators who register on the personal care website will be able to request samples of any of the naturally derived ingredients.

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NPA Certifies 63 Cognis Products

Cognis Care Chemicals and Laboratoires Sérobiologiques announced that 63 Cognis products have been evaluated and certified as natural ingredients by the Natural Products Association (NPA), the oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to the natural products industry in the U.S.

“For Cognis Care Chemicals, natural renewable raw materials provide the backbone of our product portfolio—from primary surfactants to active ingredients,” said Josef Koester, Cognis Care Chemicals’ North American director of marketing.“Our expertise in nature-based chemistry is truly unique, with more than 160 years of experience in the development of products and
concepts based on natural, renewable raw materials. Working with the NPA was a natural fit.”

Cognis products approved by NPA cover a wide range of products including innovative, high-tech actives from Laboratoires Sérobiologiques and specialty chemicals from Care Chemicals such as: Eumulgin SG, a high performance powerful emulsifier made from plant derived materials; Euperlan Green, a green pearlizing wax dispersion that is vegetable based and free from ethylene oxide and amine feedstock; Plantasil Micro, a hair care additive for green shampoos with good conditioning properties; APG surfactants that are based on renewable, plant-derived raw materials such as vegetable oil and starch and can be used in personal care formulations such as mild shampoos and bath and shower gels; and Euphoryl Ω-3, an active that combines Sacha inchi oil that is rich in Omega-3 and acts as a skin antidepressant, and Schinus terebinthifolius (pink pepper) extract, a stimulant and invigorating agent with warm and sensual perfume notes.

“We are really excited to work closely with the NPA because we’re committed to giving our customers the information they need to choose products that are right for them,” noted Denise Petersen, marketing manager for Cognis Care Chemicals North America.

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Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Is March 25-26 in NYC

With its European edition deemed a success last fall,show organizers have announced plans for the next Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, which will take place in New York, March 25-26. Like previous events organized by Organic Monitor, it will bring together key stakeholders in the beauty industry that include cosmetic manufacturers, ingredient and raw material suppliers, retailers and distributors, industry organizations and certification agencies, researchers and academics, investors.

According to the organizer, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is a new generation of international summits that focus on sustainability in the beauty industry. The summit will examine the leading issues the beauty industry faces concerning sustainability, natural, organic, fair trade and ecological products.

The conference program for the North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is currently under development. Prospective speakers should send an abstract of their papers, with full contact details, by completing a registration form online.

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BASF Sells Surfactants Site in Clear Lake, TX

BASF has signed a deal to sell its Clear Lake, TX surfactants manufacturing site to Clear Lake Chemicals LLC (CLC), Pasadena, TX. CLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf Bayport Chemicals LP. The divestiture—which includes the site and manufacturing equipment, but not products—was expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 2009. Financial details were not disclosed.

As part of the deal, BASF will transfer approximately 15 employees to CLC.

“The asset sale of the Clear Lake manufacturing site is part of BASF’s ongoing manufacturing asset review. The sale of this site is another step in our process to realign our business to ensure long term profitable growth,” said Simon Medley, group vice president, Care Chemicals and Formulators, for BASF in North America. “BASF believes that the long term interests of this site and its employees will be better served as part of the CLC organization.”

BASF has reached a concurrent toll-manufacturing agreement with CLC for production of specialty surfactants at the site, which it contends will enable it continue to supply its customers with products from the same manufacturing location after the divestiture.

Specialty surfactants are marketed by the Care Chemicals and Formulators business group under the following brand names: Jordapon, Avanel, Maphos, Larostat, Klearfac, Mazon, Mafo, Mazox, Pluracoat M-Quat, Maslip, Mazeen and Mazox.Products are sold into several strategic markets, including personal care.

Reckitt To Integrate UK Health, Household/PC Commercial Units

Reckitt Benckiser plans to integrate its UK healthcare and household/personal care commercial businesses into a single business unit, effective in April.

The UK is Reckitt’s only major market where the household/personal care and healthcare businesses are still operated independently. The creation of the integrated business will provide much greater focus particularly in today’s challenging marketplace, according to the company.

Calling the UK the lead development market for many of its product categories, Reckitt said the market will now have even greater influence in driving innovation both across the company’s global powerbrands, which include Finish, Dettol and Vanish as well as key “local” UK/European brands on the healthcare side.

The proposal calls for the unit to operate from the company’s existing UK household office in Slough, and will be led by Camillo Pane, who is currently UK healthcare general manager. Pane will report to Brendan Collins,senior vice president, regional director, Northern Europe. Phil Thomas will serve as UK marketing director for household/personal care and Kerry Miller will be the UK sales director for household/personal care.

In other news,Reckitt has concentrated media buying for its 17 powerbrands at two global agencies. The work is being split between Havas Media Group and Publicis Group. The contracts are valued at $1.3 billion per year, according to the company, which currently invests nearly 12.5% of its global net revenues on advertising.

Sally Beauty Acquires Belgium’s Sinelco Group

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. has acquired Sinelco Group NV, a European wholesale distributor of professional beauty products, in a $37 million cash deal. Sinelco, based in Ronse, Belgium, serves more than 1,500 customers in 35 countries through a product catalog, website and sales offices in Belgium, France and Italy. Approximately 85% of the company’s revenues come from its roster of exclusive-label brands—Sibel, Ultron and Bob Tuo.

“The addition of Sinelco, which sources many of its products in Asia, will provide us with the opportunity to sell to distributors of professional products in many countries in which we lack a physical presence,” said Chad Selvidge, vice president of Sally Beauty Holdings.

IRI Expands Consumer Network with Digital Media Services

Addressing the need to link onlineadvertising/marketing to offline purchases, Information Resources Inc. (IRI) has expanded its consumer network capabilities portfolio to include a suite of digital media solutions. The expansion integrates IRI’s expertise in offline purchasing data and consumer insights with online analytics expertise from leaders in digital market solutions such as [x+1] and Dynamic Logic to provide an all-encompassing, cross-channel consumer targeting and analysis capability for CPG, retail and healthcare companies.

What makes these announcements and partnerships unique from other solutions is that it will provide segmentation for offline purchase behavior (based on their work with their consumer panel) and integrates this with [x+1] and Dynamic Logic’s online expertise, according to IRI.

The solutions will provide a platform that enables marketers to reach specific consumer segments as scored by IRI’s Consumer ProScore—propensity to purchase or shop in a specific retailer; translate online consumer behavior into offline actions and recommend how marketers can influence consumers before they reach a purchase decision; reveal the efficacy of online marketing campaigns to provide critical and actionable insights on shopper behaviors and attitudes; and analyze research and convert data into strategies to improve the value of future campaigns.

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PCA Skin a Best Place to Work in Arizona

The Phoenix Business Journal and BestCompaniesAZ—co-founders of the “Best Places to Work” list—have added PCA Skin to their 2009 list.

First published in 2003, the list recognizes companies based on a third-party-administered employee satisfaction survey. Surveyed areas are varied parts of employee life, including workplace environment, leadership direction, culture and management practices.

“We are excited to rank among the‘Best Places to Work’ in the Valley list this year. This recognition is a testament to our ability to hire and retain the most talented professionals in the industry,” said Richard Linder, chief executive officer of PCA Skin.

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Anomatic Completes Sustainability Plan

Anomatic Corp. has completed a comprehensive sustainability plan designed to reduce energy, waste, water and air pollution while significantly increasing the company’s ability to recycle and reuse materials. Anomatic embarked on the initiatives in early 2008 to work in concert with the company’s current and ongoing practices, implemented prior to the new initiatives.

As part of the overall improvements, Anomatic has: improved its ability to deliver environmentally-friendly packaging; up to 40% of process water is recycled and reused via advanced recycling technologies, reducing demand for potable water throughout the company’s processes; new closed cycle vapor technology cleaning system reduces 92% of carbon based energy for equivalent cleaning of raw parts prior to anodizing and recovers 80–90% of stamping oil for reuse; upgrading waste water treatment system to “semi-intelligent” PLC logic-based control lowered chemical usage by improving operation and automated control; and current air scrubber technology removes more than 98% of nitrogen oxides, operating at less than 40% of EPA permits.

“Anomatic is committed to being a socially responsible partner—striving for sustainable development by optimizing current technologies and ongoing research and development,” said Mark A. Ormiston, Anomatic’s director of research and development.

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Top Brands at Mass Are What Consumers Want, Study Says

A shopper experience study currently underway by The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research shows that department stores continue to see the largest loss of shoppers, and they also have worst conversion rate with about half of shoppers leaving without making a purchase. According to the data, mass market retailers such as Walmart and Target are showing a five point increase in shoppers visiting them more often, from previous months, and have the best conversion rate with nine out of ten shoppers leaving the store having made a purchase.

The study also showed that consumers are beginning to define value differently than before. More often consumers are attributing value to price, whereas it had been defined as an equal balance between quality and price, M/A/R/C reported.

“Across all channels, shoppers continue to report buying cheaper items lately, compared to three months ago,” said Randy Wahl, executive vice president, M/A/R/C.

Respondents said the three brands that best communicate value to them are retailers, with Walmart and Target top value brands. Suave was the top ranked brand in the cosmetics and toiletries category.

Data for The Checkout comes from a national survey conducted by Integer and M/A/R/C where consumers are asked about their shopping attitudes, shopping behaviors, and economic outlook. Topics range from criteria shoppers use to select retailers, to which in-store stimulus is most likely to drive purchase, to factors that might lead shoppers to leave an aisle empty-handed.

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Wowgreen Acquires Green Bridge Industries

Wowgreen International, LLC has acquired majority control of Green Bridge Industries, a Saranac, MI-based provider of green cleaning products, including Zap stain remover. As part of the agreement, Allie T. Mallad will become the sole director and chief executive officer of Green Bridge Industries. William White will remain with the company as the vice president of the Green Bridge Institute, which is also owned by Green Bridge Industries, Inc.

Wowgreen, Southfield MI,sells household cleaners through a channel of independent distributors.

“I am thrilled with the acquisition of Green Bridge Industries, Inc., which I believe will enhance our commitment and message of ‘freeing the world of toxic chemicals one household at a time.’ This opportunity to add the Green Bridge family to our existing organization will help us stay on the cutting edge with future green technologies and also help us attract additional companies that will want to be a part of our socially responsible cause,” said Mallad.

New Beauty Retail SiteOpen for Business

Add another online beauty retailer to the mix. Michael Todd Cosmetics, an internet department store for “couture cosmetics and fragrance,” went live on Dec. 15, 2009. The site,, offers more than 1,100 products as well as virtual makeovers, educational how-to videos, customizable palettes, brand comparisons and access to professional consultants who will answer questions and dispense advice online.

Todd’s partner in the project is chairman Lewis Hendler, co-founder of Scunci International, one of the world’s best-known hair accessory brands.

Arden Bulks Up Red Door’s Hair Expertise

In an effort to bolster its hair business, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas has added four professionals to its team, including Zahir Ziani, who has been named national creative director.Ziani and the other hires will join forces with color director Brad Johns in setting up Red Door to become a powerhouse in hair, the company said in a statement.

While Red Door Spas have always offered hair services, under the leadership of Ziani, the brand will focus on strengthening the hair category. The hair category currently represents 25% of total revenue and is expected to increase market share through recruitment, training and national exposure, the company said.

According to Arden, Ziani will be integral in spearheading Red Door’s strategy, including evaluating the existing team; overseeing recruitment and training of all new hair assistants at the flagship; developing a color training team; and creating Red Door’s own style and color education programs. In addition, Ziani is creating a 2010 Spring/Summer hair trend collection, which will roll out nationally in February.

Part of Arden’s strategy to bolster its hair business includes hiring creative directors at each of the 31 Red Door Spas in the U.S.

In addition, in February, the company plans to open a Brad Johns’ studio within its New York City Red Door flagship.