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April 1, 2010

ProSys PackagingRedesigns MTS Tube Filler

The redesigned MTS Tube Filler from ProSys Packaging is the first and only U.S.-designed and built semiautomatic tube filler with hot air technology on the market, according to the company.

The ProSys MTS series is a state-of-the art, semi-automatic squeeze tube filling and closing system. It is designed for short run and low volume tube filling applications and produces up to 25 finished tubes per minute.

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Qosmedix Bulk Sampling Supplies Now Available

Qosmedix now offers its most popular high quality hygienic sampling supplies in larger volumes, providing savings with bulk purchases. Promote hygienic practices by using a new applicator for each and every client while replenishing beauty counters at reduced costs. Customize the quantities to suit operational needs, or personalize them for individual branding purposes.

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Packaging Industry Associations Merge

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) and the North American Packaging Association (NAPA) have merged, creating a united, North American-based packaging industry association. The new association will move forward as the Paperboard Packaging Council, offering expanded member benefits and a strengthened industry voice.

“This is one of the most historic, extremely significant moments in PPC’s eighty-plus year history,” said PPC board chair Tony Petrelli. “This merger expands and enhances the work, resources, and impact of our association at a critical time in the packaging industry.”

“It’s a win-win for industry and association members,” said NAPA board chair Dave Ellis. “The synergy established between these two associations throughout the years helped create this unique opportunity to unite as a larger, stronger, and better-positioned voice to address the challenges of our ever-changing global marketplace.”

The merger brings together nearly 200 leading paperboard packaging industry companies, creating a unique set of new opportunities for industry converters and suppliers.

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SeaCliff Unveils Customizable Taesung Airless Components

SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories now offers its clients cutting-edge customizable airless components from Taesung. Designed to be an option for high-end cosmetic and skin care products, the airless delivery systems allow easy evacuation of the product. With custom color options, as well as numerous choices for decoration and sizing, the airless components are completely customizable to clients’ unique specifications.

Among the airless components available is a Dual Airless Dispenser boasting a flip-top cap option that enables consumers to store three different products in components. The other airless components include Slick Roller Ball Airless Foundation and Concealer Brush Applicators, as well as a Roller Ball Airless Touch intended for under-eye treatments.

“These innovative airless components allow us to provide our clients with several unique packaging options so that they can customize the products according to their own needs,” said Vonda Simon, president of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories. “Delivering maximum value, the airless delivery systems allow consumers to get every last drop of the product out.”

All components require a minimum order of 5,000 pieces for customization.

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Alpha Packaging Grows PET Bottle Line

Alpha Packaging, a manufacturer of plastic bottles and jars for the personal care, pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries, has introduced four 32oz. narrow-neck bottles that are made using a two-stage blow molding process. The bottles represent the largest size in Alpha’s four most popular polyethylene terephthalate (PET) liquid lines: Boston Rounds, Cosmo Rounds, Modern Rounds and Capri Ovals.

These bottles are typically used for large quantities of hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other liquids used around the home or in larger institutional settings. The overflow for each bottle exceeds 1000ml (1 liter), making them ideal for items marketed as either 32 liquid ounces or liter-size.

All four bottles are made from the same 50-gram 28-410 preforms on two-stage (reheat and blow) machinery at Alpha’s Salt Lake City plant.

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New UNE Natural Beauty Chooses Alcan

UNE Natural Beauty, a new brand claiming a return to a more natural kind of beauty, has brought in Alcan Packaging Beauty to make several of its packs: Sheer Lips Gloss, Casual Volume Mascara and All in One Mascara.

The specificity of the three packs lies in their single-material creation, polypropylene, which offers the benefit of optimizing the recycling rate for packaging. These eco-designed packs are suited to the natural ingredient-based formulations in order to keep the end product’s environmental impact to a minimum. Most of the products obtained an eco-certification.

A sleek white design with sea-green pad printing reflects the natural nature of the UNE woman, according to the company. The range also conceals makeup innovation secrets. Alcan Packaging Beauty has selected three applicators that fulfill precise cosmetic requirements with a guaranteed natural effect:
•Sheer Lips Gloss, an applicator that de-posits a thin film for gloss that doesn’t overdo it;
• Volume Mascara, a flexible fiber brush that feeds the lashes, thickening them as the consumer wants; and
• All-in-one Mascara, fitted with an APB1 plastic brush, maximizes the lash in all directions, delivering volume, length and curve without bunches and with easy access to the finest lashes in the center and edge of the eye.

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PETA Logo To Appear on Nature’s Gate Packaging

Nature’s Gate has long been recognized for its use of natural, cruelty free and environmentally conscious ingredients. This year, the company partnered with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to elevate and enhance its commitment to support a cruelty-free lifestyle, according to the company. As such, the PETA rabbit logo will appear on all Nature’s Gate products.

“With many of our consumers dedicated to living cruelty-free lives and being proud supporters of PETA, we felt it made sense to communicate and align our vegan and animal-friendly ingredient philosophy with PETA,” said Nature’s Gate vice president of marketing Laura Setzfand.