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July 9, 2010

Rexam Rolls Out Range Of Lipgloss Applicators

The project groups within Rexam’s Personal Care Division teamed up to create the first significant lipgloss applicator category advance in decades, according to the company. Called Glossy Days, the initial collection includes eight patented lipgloss applicators, each with its own unique visual and tactile appeal. The range also features promotional demonstration tools with fun illustrations.

Rather than a simple brush or flocked tip, each Glossy Days applicator’s design geometry and material—soft, transparent and flexible—is thoughtfully designed for clean, comfortable, elegant and fun usage that enhances the consumer experience with a unique tactile sensation and provides perfect makeup results, according to the company. In addition, a flexible wiper is designed to permit easy and efficient application.

Available for a selection of Rexam stock products and fully customizable as well, the Glossy Days collection will be refreshed every nine months.
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Qosmedix Bulks Up Its Sampling Supplies
Qosmedix recently increased its offering of essential hygienic sampling supplies. At very competitive prices, these items not only promote safe sampling and product testing, but are also ideal for resale, according to the company. They are packaged in retail quantities, and can be customized or personalized according to your individual branding needs.
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Aqua Skin Science Selects Lumson For Skin Science Skin Care Line
Aqua Skin Science Inc., a prestige skin care and nutritional supplement company with products based around patented unique active ingredients from Scandinavia, is about to launch in the U.S. market a new cosmetic line under the brand Freya+ Scandinavian Skin Science using Lumson’s primary packaging.

Aqua Skin Science’s management chose a standard cosmetic packaging collection entirely designed, developed and decorated by Lumson called Collezione Slim. Cylindrical shaped containers for a minimal and elegant design, matte light blue Aqua color shades with white screen printing and shiny silver accessories were chosen to create fresh, easily-recognizable packaging that reflects the brand’s arctic origins, said the company.
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NJPEC To Hold Fishing Trip Aug. 20
The New Jersey Packaging ExecutivesClub will set sail on its fourth annual chartered fishing extravaganza on Aug. 20. The group will be going out on the Mi-Jo II, located in the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor. Boarding begins at 3 p.m. with a 3:30 p.m. departure. The boat will return at 8:30 p.m. The President’s Cup Trophy will be handed out for biggest fish.
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Arbonne Partners with Fusion Packaging to Revamp Cosmetics
Global direct seller Arbonne International has reformulated and repackaged its liquid foundation and makeup primer. Fusion Packaging was chosen to upgrade the packages from traditional glass containers to airless acrylic bottles.

The transition from glass to plastic packaging enabled Arbonne to take advantage of an airless dispensing system, which ensures nearly 100% product evacuation and superior product preservation, said the company.

To complete the package, the actuator, collar and cap were sprayed a shiny gunmetal color and the Arbonne logo was debossed on top of the cap.

Overall, the new packaging conveys the updated, modern image that Arbonne wanted, according to Fusion Packaging.
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Maesa Europe and Alinéa Collaborate on Fragrance
With fragrance playing an ever-more criti- cal role in interior design, Maesa has teamed with Alinéa, a European-based retailer of modern, trendy, affordable furniture, to develop a complete collection of fragrance products for the home.

Four different sensorial worlds have been created allowing each individual to create their own ambience…for an interior that is unique. The Maesa group has made every effort to create a new type of packaging, which is far from the traditional blister pack, while keeping it “affordable and appealing,” according to Alinéa’s president Barbara Sonnet-Dejebali.
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Alpha Adds HDPE Cylinder Line
Alpha Packaging’s new line of personal care cylinders are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The HDPE cylinder line was the first of three new narrow-neck stock packaging lines that Alpha rolled during the second quarter of 2010.

Each container in the line is produced with an impact finish to achieve the best possible look for the discerning salon or retail beauty market consumer. All three sizes—8-, 12- and 16oz—are available in both 24-410 and 24-415 necks. Alpha will stock the cylinders in white and natural HDPE, and custom-colored bottles are available for a 50,000-piece minimum with no purge charge.

For customers interested in recycled HDPE, Alpha can run custom orders for bottles incorporating 25-100% post-consumer HDPE. The post-consumer resin is FDA approved for food contact. Minimum orders for recycled HDPE bottles are 50,000 pieces. Beauty brands can also take advantage of the high quality decorating provided by Alpha’s Technigraph division. Deco tooling for the new line will be available to customers at no charge, and they may select a combination of direct screen printing, hot stamping, pressure sensitive labeling or spray coating/frosting to set their brand apart.
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