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Annual Scientific Meeting Is Dec. 9-10 in New York City

November 5, 2010

Annual Scientific Meeting Is Dec. 9-10 in New York City

Annual Scientific Meeting Is Dec. 9-10 in New York City

Cosmetic chemists will convene in New York City Dec. 9-10 for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) Annual Scientific and Technology Showcase. Held at the New York Hilton Hotel, the scientific meeting program has been organized by SCC’s Committee on Scientific Affair, which is chaired by Jim Vlasic. The committee has pulled together a program highlighting several critical areas of cosmetic science, including two separate sessions devoted to genomics.

Here is a look at the presentations slated for the annual scientific program:

Session A—Sun Protection (Thursday, Dec. 9, 9-11 a.m.), moderated by Howard Epstein, Ph.D. “Nothing to See But Also Nothing to Hide: An Evaluation of the Skin Penetration Capability of Nanoparticles Used in Sunscreens,” by Johann Wiechers, Ph.D. (JW Solutions); “Inorganic UV Filter Composites for Better Safety and Performance,” by David Schlossman, Yun Shao, Ph.D., Pascal Delrieu and Carl Orr (Kobo Products, Inc.); “Oxothiazolidine: A Safe and Bioavailable Antioxidant Opposes to Deep-Penetrating Solar Radiations,” by Jean-Francois Nicolay, Ph.D. (Exsymol SAM); and the Frontiers of Science Award Lecture, “Stratum Corneum Lipid Composition and Structure in Relation to Barrier Function,” by Philp W. Wertz, Ph.D. (University of Iowa).

Session B—Genomics (Thursday, Dec. 9, 1:30–4 p.m), moderated by Karl Lintner, Ph.D. “Correlation Between Cell Viability and DNA Damage: Studying Chromosomal Effect of Cosmetic Substances,” by Nava Dayan, Ph.D., Tamara Minko, Ph.D. and Vatsal Shah (Lipo Chemicals, Inc. and Rutgers University School of Pharmaceutics); “A Review of Current Analytical Genomic Techniques Used for Gene Expression Profiling of the Skin,” by Remona Gopaul (Nu Skin Enterprise);“Achillea Millefolium Extract: An Innovative Anti-Aging Neuro-Cosmetic Ingredient?” by Boris Vogelgesang, Sabine Pain, Cecile Altobelli and Valerie Andre-Frei (BASF Beauty Care Solutions); and “Comprehensive Exploration of Efficacy through Vector Analysis,” by Erica Babson, Barbara Brockway, Ph.D., Durant Scholz and Peter Dow (Active Concepts, LLC).

Session C—Innovation in Hair Styling (Thursday, Dec. 9, 1:30– 4 p.m.), moderated by Jim Vlasic. “Hair Vibrance Factor: A New Claim for Combination of Hair Shine with Color Strength,” by Timothy Gao, Ph.D., Sam Zhu and Peter Landa (Croda, Inc.); “Penetration and Substantivity of Materials in Hair,” by Trefor Evans, Ph.D., Don Harper, Kimun Park and Jeff Yang (TRI-Princeton); “Hair Health: Effect of Diameter, Density, and Age,” by Thomas L. Dawson, Ph.D., R. Scott Youngquist, Brian Fisher and Clarence Robbins, Ph.D. (Procter & Gamble); and “Innovations in Hair Styling,” by Colleen M. Rocafort (BASF Corporation).

Session D—Genomics (Friday, Dec. 10, 9–11 a.m.), moderated by Timothy Gao, Ph.D. Keynote Award lecture sponsored by Ruger Chemical Corp. “Cosmetogenomics: A New Approach to Understanding Skin Physiology,” by Philippe Benech, Ph.D. (Prediguard); “The Application of Proteomics and Genomics in Cosmetic Formulation Development,” by Sohelia Anzali, Ph.D. and Howard Epstein, Ph.D. (Merck KGaA and EMD Chemicals, Inc.); “The Epidermal Basal Cellular Layer Environment and the Proteins of the Chromosomal Passenger Complex are Together Involved in the Homeostasis and Protection of the Somatic Stem Cells of the Epidermis,” by Isabelle Imbert, Ph.D., F. Labarrade, C. Meyrignac, A. Lebleu, J.M. Botto, C. Gondran, C. Dal Farra and N. Domloge (ISP-Vincience); and “Genomic and Proteomic Investigations of a Novel Mechanism to Stimulate Skin Moisture Regulation,” by Karl Lintner, Ph.D., Philippe Mondon, Ph.D., Nada Andre and Emmanuel Doridot (Sederma).

Session E—New Technologies and Trends in Skin (Friday, Dec. 10, 1:30-4 p.m.), moderated by Martha Tate, Ph.D. “Polymers as Stabilizers for W/O Emulsions with Solid Particles: A Comparison between Cross-linked Homopolymers and Copolymers of Acrylic Acid,” by Hani Fares, Ph.D., Donald Prettypaul, Santosh Yadav, Ph.D. and Nevine Issa (International Specialty Products); “The Autophagic System: A New Era in Skin Detoxification,” by David Boudier, Elodie Aymard, Vincent Barruche, Sandrine Grofflo, Sylvie Bordes, Brigitte Closs, Mireille Verdier and Marie-Helene Ratinaud (Silab and University of Limoges, France); “The Corneovacumeter: A New Device for Evaluation of Biomechanical Properties of the Skin,” by Melanie Sabadotto, Olga Freis, Gilles Perie and Andreas Rathjens (Cognis France, a Division of Laboratoires Serobiologiques); and “Powered Devices for Facial Cleansing: Should They Occupy Space in the Cosmetic Device Toolbox?,” by Brian Czetty and Greg Hillebrand, Ph.D. (Procter & Gamble).

Award Presentations
In addition, there will be several awards presented, highlighted by the 2010 Maison deNavarre Medal Award, the Society’s highest honor. This year’s recipient is Dr. Yash Kamath, who will be recognized on Thursday, Dec. 9, for his significant contribution to the cosmetics industry through his research and actively publishing on hair science for more than 30 years.

The Robert A. Kramer Lifetime Service Award—an honor which has not been awarded since 2006—will be presented to Dr. Robert Saute. Saute, the 8th recipient of the award, will be honored during the luncheon on Friday, Dec. 10 in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting. He is being recognized for his extraordinary service over the course of his membership that spans 57 years.

Also during the luncheon, the 2010 SCC Merit Award will be presented to Dr. Mindy S. Goldstein. She is being recognized for her significant contributions, achievement and service to the Society including her term as the Society’s 56th President in 2002, according to SCC.

The Suppliers Cocktail Reception will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton on Thursday evening from 5-7 p.m. with cocktails and a buffet. The two-hour format has been retained for this year’s event, allowing individuals a chance to go out on the town without missing this important function, according to SCC. The reception will start immediately following the close of the Technology Showcase on Thursday afternoon.

SCC has also made new changes to the Technology Showcase. The showcase will run on Thursday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m and from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. on Friday.In addition to the showcase, luncheon, scientific meeting and poster session, SCC will hold an emeritus members “Meet & Greet” on Thursday afternoon from 4-5 p.m. in the Clinton Suite.

The continuing education programs connected to the 2010 Scientific Meeting will be held Wednesday, Dec. 8. The all-day courses are “International Regulatory” and Performance Ingredients for Skin.”
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SCC Meetings
Nov. 9: Midwest Chapter, November dinner, education and officer installation and awards meeting.
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Nov. 9: Quebec Chapter, Suppliers’ Day, Wyndham Airport Hotel.
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Nov. 12: New York Chapter, Safety Assessment Workshop, Farleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, NJ.
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Nov. 16: California Chapter, monthly meeting, Renaissance LAX.
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Nov. 16: Lake Erie Chapter, monthly meeting.
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Nov. 18: Long Island Chapter, monthly meeting, The Jericho Terrace, Mineola, NY.
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Nov. 18: Southwest Chapter, monthly meeting.
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Nov. 25: Ontario Chapter, Holiday Dinner Dance, The Venetian, Vaughan, Ontario.
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Dec. 2: Southwest Chapter, Holiday Party, Omni Mandalay Hotel, Las Colinas, TX.
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Dec. 9-10: ­­­SCC Annual Scientific Meeting, The New York Hilton & Towers Hotel, New York, NY.
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May 10-11: NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, Edison, NJ.
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June 2-3: SCC Annual Scientific Seminar, Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV.
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Oct. 25-26: California Chapter, Suppliers’ Day 2011, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.
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Nov. 1-3: 21st IFSCC Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.
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