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2011 Scientific Seminar Is June 2-3 in Las Vegas

March 11, 2011

2011 Scientific Seminar Is June 2-3 in Las Vegas

2011 Scientific Seminar Is June 2-3 in Las Vegas

• The Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) will hold its Annual Scientific Seminar on June 2-3 at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas.

This event—the second seminar to be hosted by the chapters in a specific region—is being hosted by Area III, which includes the California, Intermountain West and Southwest Chapters.

The Seminar’s Technical Program, which was arranged by the committee on scientific affairs, chaired by Karl Lintner, Ph.D., Kal’idees Beauty Ideas, will begin on Thursday morning with Session A–Skin. Moderated by Howard Epstein, Ph.D., EMD Chemicals, the session will open with the Henry Maso Keynote Award Lecture from Professor Reinhold Dauskardt, Stanford University. Professor Dauskardt will present“Biomechanics of the Barrier Function of Human Skin: Predicting Skin Damage and the Effects of Cosmetic Treatments.” Other speakers and topics: Paolo Marchesi, Soliance US Corporation, “Arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides: A Lightening Active Ingredient with a New Mechanism of Action that Inhibits Melanogenesis Targeting Tyrosinase and TRP-1” and David Boudier, Silab, “Imaging Quantification and Cosmetic Applications.”

Session B–Hair on Thursday afternoon will be moderated by Joseph Dallal, International Specialty Products. This session will include presentations from Trefor Evans, Ph.D., TRI-Princeton, “Manipulating the Bulk Properties of Hair;” Michael Philbin, Ph.D., AkzoNobel, “Maltodextrin Based Styling Polymers;” Manual Gamez-Garcia, Ph.D., BASF Care Chemicals, “Hair Setting with Hot Irons and Heat Activation,” and Carole Lepilleur, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, “Novel Cationic Cassia Polymers as Effective Conditioning Deposition Aids.”

On Friday morning, Martha Tate, Ph.D, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, will moderate Session C–Genomics. Speakers and topics include James V. Gruber, Ph.D., Arch Personal Care Products, “Using Human Genomic Microarrays in Personal Care.” Other speakers and topics include Isabelle Imbert, Ph.D., ISP Vincience, “The Role of Clock and SIRT-1 in Chromatin Remodeling: A New Code of Entry for DNA Repair in Human Skin” and John Ryals, Metabolon, Inc., “Global Metabolomics and Its Application in Product Development for Consumer Care.”

Robert Bianchini, Ph.D., Merck Consumer Care, will moderate the final session, Session D–Sun. Speakers and topics include Nava Dayan, Ph.D., Lipo Chemicals, Inc.,“Evaluation of Photo-Toxic Effect of Fractionated Melanin: A Comparative Study Between Three Different Cell Lines;”Giordio Dell’Acqua, Ph.D., Induchem AG, “Stimulation of Skin Immunity and Langerhans Cells Protection Dramatically Reduces UV-Induced Skin Erythema and TEWL;” Sandy Dumont, Ph.D., Seppic,“Complimentary In Vitro Models to Investigate the Mode of Action of Active Ingredients on the Protection of Extracted Epidermal Stem Cells against Different Types of Stresses;”and Nick Morante, Nick Morante Consultants, “Using Light Diffusion to Making Anti-Aging Claims.”

Also scheduled are Mini-Breakfast Seminars—two on Thursday and one on Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 8:45 a.m. The informal nature of these mini-breakfasts allows the opportunity for give and take, questions and answers. COSA Mini-Breakfasts are limited to 30 participants.

Scheduled topics are“Quantitative Measurement of Well Being” presented by Karl Lintner, Ph.D., Kali’dees Beauty Ideas and “cGMPs for Cosmetics” instructed by Joe Albanese, 3V, Inc., on Thursday morning and “How to do a Patent Search” presented by Tony O’Lenick, Siltech, LLC, on Friday morning.

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On-Site Training Available From SCC

• The Society of Cosmetic Chemists can bring on-site training courses directly to your location, offering convenience, team building with an in-depth focus of the course of your choice.

More info: Doreen Scelso, (212) 668-1500; email

Learn the BasicsOf Cosmetic Chemistry

• Need an overview of ingredients and formulating principles used in color cosmetics?The SCC will hold a special course on just that on April 13-14 at the Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel in Newark, NJ.

“The Chemistry & Formulations of Color Cosmetics” will provide an overview of ingredients and formulating principles, and how to select color additives for use in decorative cosmetics from the perspectives of color basics, regulations, stability and color type as well as how to deal with color in terms of color measurement and dispersion.

This two-day course will cover the following topics:

• Color basics;

• Regulations;

• Inorganic pigments;

• Pearlescent pigments;

• Treated pigments;

• Filler pigments;

• Loose and pressed powders;

• Emulsified foundations;

• Emulsion mascaras and eyeliners;

• Organic colors;

• Dispersion;

• Color measurement; and

• Anhydrous products, including lipsticks and lipglosses, powder cream foundation and blushers, stick eyeshadows, pencils and nail lacquer.

The instructors are Jane Hollenberg and Edwin Faulkner.

The rates for the course are $500 for SCC members, $225 for SCC student members and $625 for non-members before March 29, according to SCC.

The SCC has blocked a limited number of guest rooms at a discounted rate.

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Pre-Register for Door PrizesAt NYSCC Suppliers’ Day

• The New York Chapter of the SCC will hold its Suppliers’ Day 2011 on May 10-11 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ.

Show registration is free, and to qualify for door prizes, attendees must pre-register by May 1, according to event organizer, Curtin Creative Products.

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Smells Like A Learning Opportunity:‘Fragrance as a Science’ is March 24

• The Society of Cosmetic Chemists will hold “Fragrance as a Science” on March 24 at the Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel, Newark, NJ.

The one-day course will cover the sense of smell, the history of perfume, fragrance creation and duplication, aroma chemicals and reactions, fragrance applications in personal care and household products, fragrance regulations, and natural and organic fragrances.

The class will explore fragrance in personal care—including solubility of individual aroma chemicals, partitioning into emulsion and surfactant systems, stability and viscosity issues, and aesthetic translation into diverse media—and fragrance in household products, including interaction of fragrance with substrates, stability in hostile environments, air fresheners and candles and malodor counteractants.

Fragrance safety and regulations, the role of RIFM and IFRA and its response to current issues and DfE fragrance criteria will also be discussed, as well as natural and organic fragrances.

The course will also cover chemoreception, the stereochemical theory of odor, the vibrational theory of odor, the olfactory gene family, signal transduction: how an odor molecule in the air is transformed into a signal and emotion in the brain.

The instructor is Steve Herman, president of Diffusion LLC and a principal in PJS Partners. Herman is also the author of“Fragrance Applications: A Survival Guide.”

The rates for the course are $300 for SCC members, $150 for SCC student members and $425 for non-members before March 10, according to SCC.

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SCC National & Chapter Events

March 15: Fifth Biennial Holistic Cosmetic Symposium & Supplier Showcase, Brooklyn Center, MN.

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March 24: Florida Chapter Meeting,“The Global Oil Industry; How It Affects You,”Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

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March 24: SCC Course—“Fragrance as a Science,” Sheraton Newark Airport, Newark, NJ.

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April 5: New York Chapter Meeting, Pleasantdale Château, West Orange, NJ.

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April 7: Ontario Chapter Meeting, The Venetian, Vaughan, ON.

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April 13-14: SCC Course, “The Chemistry & Formulation of Color Cosmetics,” Sheraton Newark Airport, Newark, NJ.

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April 28: SCC Course, “Gums, Thickeners and Polymers,”Newark, NJ.

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April 28: Florida Chapter Meeting, “USDA NOP Organics,” Peter Boncelet, speaker; Tampa, FL area.

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May 5: SCC Course—“Practical Basics & Theory in Emulsion Tech.,” Newark, NJ.

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May 5: Intermountain West Chapter’s “IOU” at Noah’s.

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May 10-11: NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, Edison, NJ.

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June 2-3: SCC Annual Scientific Seminar, Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV.

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July 19: Ontario 11th Annual Golf Tournament, Caledon Woods Golf Club.

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July 29: New York Chapter Golf Outing, Crystal Springs, Hamburg, NJ.

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Sept. 14: New York Chapter Monthly Meeting, Pleasantdale Chateau, West Orange, NJ.

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Sept. 15-17: Florida Chapter 2011 Sunscreen Symposium, Orlando, FL.

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Oct. 5: New York Chapter Monthly Meeting, The Valley Regency, Clifton, NJ.

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Oct. 14: New York Chapter Fall Workshop—FDU, Teaneck, NJ.

More info:

Oct. 25-26: California Chapter, Suppliers’ Day 2011, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.

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