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Glenn Corp. Celebrates 30th Anniversary

March 11, 2011

Glenn Corp. Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Glenn Corp. Celebrates30th Anniversary

• Glenn Corporation, a member of The DeWolf Companies (DeWolf Chemical, Inc. – Glenn Corporation), is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the chemical distribution business. Marking its growth during the past 30 years is the expansion of its sales team, and the addition of a branch office and warehouse.

Glenn Corp. was originally established as a distribution resource to the mining industry in the Midwest U.S., and through the years, it evolved into a personal care solution provider. Today, the company has extended its coverage to include the West Coast, Southwest and Southeast regions.

The addition of an account manager, a branch office and a warehouse fulfill Glenn Corp.’s corporate mission to continually expand its offerings and services to meet the needs of its customer base.

As a new account manager, Maggie Grosser brings formulation, product development and marketing experience to the Glenn team from her previous role as a formulator at Aveda. Glenn’s new office space in Charleston, SC will assist with Southeast corporate needs, according to the company.

In addition, Glenn Corporation has recently expanded its warehousing facilities to include a warehouse in Dallas, TX, aimed at providing continued supply chain dependability as the company grows. This brings the number of warehouses that Glenn Corporation manages to four, including Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

Method Inks Deal with Segetis

• Segetis, Inc., a technology-enabled green chemistry company, has established a new partnership with Method Products in which the cleaning products company will use Segetis’ bio-based materials in a variety of products. The first products with these ingredients will hit store shelves this month, according to the company.

“This technology is a breakthrough that takes Method’s performance and sustainability to the next level,” said Adam Lowry, Method co-founder. “We’re incredibly proud of this innovation because it solves one of the traditional problems in green cleaning—how do you clean effectively without dirty solvents? Instead of formulating around the problem as others must, Method delivers powerful solvency in our products through renewable alternatives.”

Powered by its so-called Javelin Technology, Segetis’ materials deliver a performance and sustainability profile that matches Method’s clean, safe and sustainable objectives. The new bio-based molecules in Method’s products offer improved performance and replace the traditional fossil fuels that are commonly found in ordinary cleaning products, according to the company.

Levulinic ketals, the cornerstone of the Javelin Technology, are a broad family of bio-based compositions. Enabled by the development of selective ketalization of levulinic acid esters, these compounds have broad solubility enabling their use as cleaning solvents or coupling agents in liquid formulations, according to Segetis, which is based in Golden Valley, MN.

Arizona Chemical Inks Deal With Essential Ingredients

• Arizona Chemical has entered into an exclusive agreement with Essential Ingredients, Inc., to distribute the company’s unique line of bio-based specialty polymers to the personal care industry in the Eastern U.S.

Under the agreement, Essential Ingredients will offer Arizona Chemical’s Sylvaclear and Uniclear lines, which include patented specialty polymeric gellants that provide a broad range of functionality in personal care and cosmetics applications.

“We are confident this partnership will not only extend the reach of our bio-renewable product lines, but also give our customers access to Essential Ingredients’ outstanding technical expertise and customer focus,” said Tom Fontana, director of specialty products at Arizona Chemical.

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Sustainable Cosmetics SummitIs Set for May 12-14 in NYC

• Green formulations and sustainable supply chains are focal themes of the next edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, scheduled for May 12-14 in New York City. The event is organized by Organic Monitor.

With many cosmetic and ingredient firms still grappling with green formulations, the summit devotes a conference session and workshop to discuss technical issues. Key papers will cover natural and organic cosmetic formulations, including paraben-free preservative systems, replacing synthetic chemicals, natural actives and the growing use of sustainable raw materials.

For the first time, the summit will bring together heads of leading natural personal care firms in a CEO Roundtable to debate key industry challenges. The CEOs of Burt’s Bees, Aubrey Organics, Weleda and Dr. Hauschka Skin Care will be part of the expert panel to discuss issues relating to sustainability, certification, ethical trade and consumer demand.

The summit opens by highlighting Pioneering Sustainability Initiatives in the beauty industry. An Aveda representative will emphasize the importance of sustainability to reduce the ecological and social footprints of beauty products. The global sustainability director of Procter & Gamble will share its game plan to meet the challenges of the triple bottom line.

Also in the opening session, a speaker from Henkel will explain how the firm has been successful in receiving the Walmart Sustainability Award two years in a row.

Rik Kutsch Lojenga, executive director of the Union for Ethical BioTrade, will highlight the growing importance of biodiversity, while another paper looks at how beauty companies can generate positive impacts.

Social impacts are emphasized in the second session on Sustainable Supply Chains. A Beraca representative will discuss the role of ethical sourcing in alleviating poverty and environmental stewardship. Using shea butter as a case study, Dr. Peter Lovett from the USAID West Africa Trade Hub will highlight the positive impact sustainable sourcing can have.

At the other end of the supply chain, a leading retailer will share its experiences in meeting consumer expectations for sustainable products.

Other topics in the Marketing & Distribution Innovations session cover the potential of biodynamic cosmetics, sustainable packaging, retailing innovations and opportunities in mass-market channels. Future growth projections are given for the natural and organic personal care industry, while a leading research agency will share consumer insights. Findings on the adoption rates of natural and organic products will be given, as well as triggers and motives for purchases.

With standards continuing to garner high interest, the final session gives updates on North American natural & organic beauty standards, including NSF ANSI 305, NPA and OASIS. Precise details, as well as adoption issues, of the new USDA bio-based personal care standard will also be given. The implications of the new Safe Cosmetics Act to cosmetic and ingredient firms are also on the agenda.

The summit closes with an interactive workshop on Green Chemicals. Judi Beerling, head of technical research at Organic Monitor, will discuss the formulation issues associated with replacing synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, emulsifiers and fragrances. The range of green chemical alternatives is to be explored, as well as their related technical issues.

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P&G Links with InstituteFor Systems Biology

• The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), Seattle, WA, and Procter & Gamble (P&G) have formed a collaborative partnership that will focus on research to characterize the systems biology of various skin conditions including skin aging.

The partnership will take advantage of the expertise at ISB in regulatory network inference and modeling, and the expertise of P&G in skin biology and dermatology to characterize and develop models of the global molecular changes that occur in skin under different conditions.

‘You Be The Chemist‘Increases Awareness

• Coast Southwest, Inc. is a leader of California’s participation in the Chemical Education Foundation’s You Be The Chemist! (YBTC) program. YBTC brings together students, their teachers and the chemical industry to improve science education and to raise the awareness of the science of chemistry, according to program organizers.

According to Jillian W. Cimo, Coast Southwest vice president and California YBTC co-organizer, the “program makes chemistry fun for kids and gives companies in the chemical industry a grassroots opportunity to encourage more of our bright young people to pursue chemistry as a course of study and maybe even a career.”

An important feature is the YBTC Challenge, an academic competition thatfocuses on important chemistry concepts, discoveries and chemical safety. Coast Southwest is a Diamond Level sponsor of the 2011 California State YBTC Challenge, which will be held at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana on May 10.

The YBTC Challenge is organized on local, state and national levels. State champions from across the country will compete for the national title in the 2011 National YBTC Challenge in Philadelphia on June 20.

“Young people today show an amazing aptitude for technology, yet fewer and fewer of them are seeking math and science degrees,” said Kevin D. Sathre, Coast Southwest vice president of sales. “Programs like You Be The Chemist! that get young people fired up about science can help turn this trend around. Coast Southwest is eager to lend our support.”

BioCell HonoredBy Frost & Sullivan

• BioCell Technology LLC, maker of BioCell Collagen II, a healthy aging ingredient promoting both joint and skin health, has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 North American Customer Value Enhancement of the Year Award in Bone and Joint Health Ingredients.

Coughlan Products OffersNon-Aqueous Solutions

• No parabens or other preservatives. No animal products. No petrochemicals or artificial colors. Increasingly, what is not found in the product is just as important as what is featured in the ingredient call outs. As consumers demand products that are perceived to be safer and more environmentally friendly, major health and beauty marketers are responding to these trends with their own customized set of voluntary restrictions on a host of many time-honored cosmetic ingredients.

Coughlan Products, LLC, a Wayne, NJ-based custom formulator and manufacturer of innovative skin care, bath and other personal care products, is uniquely positioned to turn many of its customers’ “restrictions” into market advantages. The company specializes in non-aqueous products that do not require the use of preservatives, but that enhance the delivery of benefits and the value of the brands that market them. This can take the form of powders, oils, traditional and buttery scrubs, balms, solid perfumes, effervescents and salts.

“Before we even sit down with a customer to discuss new products, we request their list of prohibited ingredients. Sometimes they send us a short list and other times they forward as many as eight full pages of non-preferred chemicals,” reported CEO Pat Campbell. “In today’s market, benefits are still important, but the ‘prohibited ingredients’ lists are increasingly driving product development direction.”

These limitations, according to Coughlan, make formulating traditional liquids such as shower gels, creams and lotions especially challenging. With their high water content, these products must rely on preservatives and often require petrochemical-based ingredients to ensure good aesthetics and shelf stability.

“At Coughlan, our mantra is ‘no water,’” explained Dr. John Brahms, director of R&D. “Products that are dry or oil-based are often self-preserving or require minimal preservation since you are not creating an environment where bacteria can easily grow.”

Non-aqueous formulas also deliver the benefit of pure, undiluted product forms that add significant value for the consumer, according to the company.

Coughlan specializes in tailoring formulations to each company’s standards, whether that is NOP Certified Organic, NPA compliance or customer-specific performance-based objectives, noted Dr. Brahms. “Our range of product types adds texture, visual interest, in-use benefits and many can be formulated to be preservative-free, vegan, and/or petrochemical-free,” he said.

Some examples of recent innovations include a soft-powder facial cleanser specially formulated for dry, oily or sensitive skin that is easy to dispense and foams quickly with just a few drops of water; treatments for chronically dry skin in areas like elbows, knees and heels delivered in cosmetically elegant formulations of vegetable oils and natural butters; and a spray-on, after-shower moisturizer that instantly transforms into a luxurious lotion or oil treatment, according to the company.

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New Look for Henkel

• Henkel is introducing a new corporate design across the company in combination with the launch of its new slogan “Henkel–Excellence is our Passion.”

“Our new slogan summarizes what we stand for as a company and with our brands and our people around the world: we strive to be the best in everything we do,” said Kasper Rorsted, chairman of the Henkel management board. “Both our new slogan and our new visual identity will further strengthen the Henkel brand around the world.”

The new corporate design was implemented in February, when it was applied to publications like the annual report, recruitment ads, employee newsletters, internet, intranet, and to Henkel conferences, trade shows and exhibits.

The core element of the brand appearance is the Henkel logo. It has a long tradition: an oval in corporate red initially appeared on a Henkel product pack back in 1907, and the Henkel name was integrated in the oval in 1920. Over time, the logo and the corporate design have been periodically revised and modernized, the last time in 2002.

“The key elements of the new corporate design are a modern layout, clear imagery, a dynamic color scheme with red and white as key colors, and a lighter typography,” explained Carsten Tilger, head of corporate communications at Henkel. “With this new visual identity and the new slogan, we are positioning Henkel as an internationally successful company—with leading brands and technologies, and with highly motivated employees who are passionate about delivering solutions for our customers.”

Deadline for ICMAD City Awards is April 29

• Cosmetic entrepreneurs eager to be recognized for their innovative efforts need only to look to the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors’ Annual ICMAD CITY Awards for Cosmetic Innovators of The Year. With the honor, member companies will receive many ways to build buzz for their brands, according to ICMAD.

The 8th Annual CITY Awards will be presented during the ICMAD annual meeting and dinner on June 29, 2011, in New York City.

To be eligible for a CITY Award, the company must be a current member of ICMAD and follow the criteria established for each award category. All products must have first shipped, and marketing and advertising programs initiated, between April 1, 2010, and March 31, 2011. Judges are advertising, marketing and sales executives with experience, but without current affiliation, in the cosmetics industry. The deadline for entries is April 29, 2011.

The judges will also select a member company from among all the entries that have been in business less than three years, to be eligible for the New Beauty Innovation Award. This award will be presented to a new company that best represents innovation and creativity.

In addition to national media recognition, the CITY Awards winners will be featured with links and contact information on ICMAD’s CITY Awards microsite as well as the ICMAD CITY Innovation Directory page on

CITY Awards finalists will be featured on the CITY page on ICMAD’s website. Winners and finalists are also encouraged to incorporate their awards into their own online and industry marketing efforts.

For more information or to receive a call for entries brochure, call 800-334-2623.

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