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August 12, 2011

Windex Mini is a concentrated refill new from SC Johnson.
SC Johnson Rolls Out Windex Mini
SC Johnson has launched Windex Mini, a concentrated refill pouch that uses 90% less plastic packaging than a traditional 26oz trigger bottle. The concentrated refill pouch delivers the streak-free results consumers expect from the 75-year heritage of the Windex brand. The product is being sold directly by SC Johnson at in three-packs of “snip ‘n’ pour” pouches.
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Pacific Shore Holdings Adds Aromatherapy Shower Sprays
Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. has launched Home Spa Shower Sprays, billed as low-cost, essential oil shower aromatherapy products. The range includes four scents—eucalyptus, grapefruit, lavender and tangerine.
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OPI Introduces Avojuice Skin Quenchers Hand & Body Lotion in Hibiscus Blossom
OPI bulked up its Avojuice Skin Quenchers Hand & Body Lotion range with an enticing new scent, Hibiscus Blossom ($7.95). According to the company, this island blend of hibiscus blossoms and tropical fruit, saturated with natural moisturizers and soothing avocado and aloe extracts, will moisturize both hands and body for smoother and softer skin.
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Le Bebe Coo For Little Ones
Le Bebe Coo is a new line of luxe pampering products for your baby and children. The range features everything from a Bedtime Wash ($18), made with a soothing blend of chamomile and lavender, to a Baby Lipstick ($12), specially formulated with shea butter, chamomile, vitamin E and vitamin A as well as a mild sun protectant to shield tender lips.
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Ojon Sums Up Hair Care in a Nutshell
What’s in a nut? As far as Ojon is concerned, a whole lot of hair-repairing power. Protective benefits have been discovered in the fruit surrounding the Ojon nut. Rouge oleifera, or “red oil,” is extracted from the pulp and used to boost the defensive properties of Ojon’s new Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum ($25). The crimson oil has clinically proven antioxidant activity from the potent beta carotene also responsible for its rich, red color. Enhanced with ojon oil, vitamins C and E, rosemary extract and UV sunscreens, Instant Restorative Hair Serum with Rouge Oleifera repairs and seals the cuticle to fight frizz while protecting hair from heat styling and environmental damage, according to the company.
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My Little Pony Oral Care
Hasbro, Inc. has licensed its My Little Pony characters out to the HBA marketplace. Among the roster of Hasbro-branded products from My Little Pony is a toothpaste from Church & Dwight’s Orajel line. Designed for toddlers’ palettes, the training toothpaste comes in a “Pinkie Fruity” flavor. There is also a pack with an accompanying toddler-size brush.
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Okara Protects Color On-the-Go
René Furterer now offers its Okara range of protective hair color products in a new travel kit ($19). It features Okara Radiance Enhancing Shampoo and Radiance Enhancing Spray as well as the cult favorite, Naturia Dry Shampoo. All of them are infused with the soybean-derived okara extract.
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Multi-Tasking Treatment New at La Roche-Posay
For years, La Roche-Posay has studied the link between “micro-inflammatory” stress of nerve endings in the skin and the acceleration of aging, especially in sensitive skin types, known to age faster than normal skin. But more recent studies have shown that one of the main triggers of “micro-inflammatory” stress is exposure to the damaging rays of the sun.
Building on the success of Redermic [+], La Roche-Posay introduces Redermic[+] UV Intensive Daily Anti-Wrinkle Firming Fill-In Care with SPF 25, the first wrinkle-filling treatment with broad spectrum sun protection to combat the effects of “micro-inflammatory” aging, according to the company.
Redermic[+] UV Intensive Daily Anti-Wrinkle Firming Fill-In Care with SPF 25 ($53.95) takes a three-pronged approach to anti-aging, with ingredients to fight the signs of aging, the “micro-inflammatory” stress that causes it and UV exposure, a main trigger of that “micro-inflammatory” stress.
The formulation incorporates neurosensine, a calming ingredient that inhibits neuro mediator production in nerve endings to neutralize inflammation. To combat wrinkles, the formulation includes 5% pure and stable vitamin C to boost collagen, along with madecassoside, which fills in deep wrinkles by regenerating dermal fibers. Additionally, a patented combination of octocrylene with avobenzone provides photostable broad spectrum protection, while octisalate provides additional UVB protection.
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Clean & Clear Cleansers New for Teens
Morning Burst formulations feature fruit-in-fusions. Eating healthy is great for your skin but cleaning it with an added amount of antioxidants and vitamins will give you that burst of shine you want.
Clean & Clear introduces a set of smoothie-like, fruit-filled Morning Burst facial cleansers ($3.60).
The creamy, foaming formula contains pearlizing agents and is infused with a blend of moisturizing emollients to saturate the skin and naturally-derived strawberry seeds for light exfoliation, according to the company.
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