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August 12, 2011

Rexam Expands Glossy Days Collection

These new flocked applicators have unique visual and tactile appeal.
Rexam Personal Care Division’s second edition of the Glossy Days collection was unveiled at the second annual MakeUp in Paris Trade Show. This edition adds eight flocked-tip applicators.
According to Rexam, the Glossy Days collection is the first significant lipgloss applicator category advance in years. It was developed with the support of worldwide cross-functional teams, including Rexam’s Innovation Center in Chicago, the marketing team in France, and development teams in China and in France.

The eight new Glossy Days entries are designed to appeal to those consumers who appreciate the benefits of lip makeup precision as well as the tactile sensation, but prefer the traditional gesture of the softer, flocked tip with doe foot design. Each of the new flocked applicators has its own unique visual and tactile appeal, for perfect makeup results.

“Research tells us that consumers continually seek out fresh new applicator experiences, such as new shapes that surprise and delight and new textures that bring tactile sensations,” said Carole Grassi, category manager, cosmetics, Rexam Personal Care division. “This additional collection is designed to offer brand owners unsurpassed differentiation and product excitement—and represents the Rexam value proposition that helps our customers succeed.”
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Hapa Acquires Gottscho
Hapa, a world leader of “late stage customization” and “on demand” printing technologies, has acquired Gottscho Printing Systems, a leading global provider of flexographic and on-demand printing technologies.

Hapa acquired Gottscho in a move designed to enhance its range of innovative and cost-effective printing solutions as well as to bolster its global sales, support and distribution services, according to the company.

Together, the companies will create a single-source competence center for fast, accurate inline and in-house printing solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical, personal care, food and FMCG industries. The companies will furthermore serve packaging machinery manufacturers and integrators as a provider of integrated high-tech, value-adding, production-enhancing equipment, delivering quick return-on-investments via improving customers’ supply chains and logistics. The combined systems and service offerings will focus on helping clients accelerate growth, mitigate risk and lower costs.

Gottscho comes to Hapa with a recently upgraded and simplified product line that delivers improved customer efficiencies at minimal capital costs. The focus on cost-competitive products compliments the Hapa portfolio and will render access to a broader customer base. The move will allow both companies to best capitalize on segments and markets in both established as well as emerging markets.

Gottscho will continue to operate under the name Gottscho.
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DS Containers Expands Production Lines
DS Containers, the two-piece steel aerosol can-making company, has significantly expanded its capacity with the addition of two new can lines. Thriving in a challenging economy, DSC has been providing new jobs and gaining the attention of major aerosol companies, the firm said.

Using the technology from Japan’s Daiwa Can, the plant in Batavia, IL has added capacity to its original two product lines 211x604 (66x178) and 211x713 (66x218). As of 2011, a third and fourth line now produce original sizes and two new sizes: 205x604 (58x168) and 205x710 (58x203). The additional lines have increased its capacity from the original 350 million cans a year to about 700 million.

The firm’s modern, sustainable can has created a new look for many aerosol companies. The domed top accentuates the modern look; the elimination of a side seam prevents leakage; and the polymer-coated steel provides a BPA-free and highly corrosion resistant environment.

The Batavia plant uses modern technology and production practices. It is a joint venture between Daiwa Can Company and the late William Smith, Sr., to offer aerosol companies in the US an alternative to the three-piece tinplated steel and aluminum cans. DS Containers uses laminated polyester-coated tin free steel in a draw-redraw process. The polymer coating eliminates the need for linings and coatings, reducing hazardous wastes. The finished containers are lightweight and 100% recyclable.
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GloProfessional Repackages Portfolio
GloProfessional, a mineral makeup, skin care and spa brand dedicated to the professional and consumer markets, has repackaged its complete portfolio. In July, the company began shipping products in the new packaging for both Glominerals mineral makeup and Glotherapeutics skin care. In addition to embodying the clinical excellence of the products, the packaging also aims to represent the way consumers want skin to look and feel: clean, bright and soft. All of the components were also designed to be easier to use and hold, too.

New packaging from GloProfessional features a clean, modern look.
“In redesigning the look of the brand, we wanted packaging that represented the quality and caliber of the formulas,” said Cat Tatman, director of marketing for GloProfessional. “We achieved packaging that is clean and simple, but also looks sleek and current.”

McKernan Packaging Adds PureFoam Non-Aerosol Foamers to Collection

Clear-Passage technology is big in these foamers.
McKernan Packaging has added PureFoam non-aerosol foamers to its wholesale continuous stock line. This foamer offers the “Clear-Passage” technology, which allows fluid to pass through the dispensing pump untouched by any metal components.

It is available in a 43mm finish with a .70ml output. Standard colors available in white and natural as well as custom colors.
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New Dual Dispensing System From Yorker Packaging
At HBA, Yorker Packaging featured the VariBlend dual-dispensing system, allowing for custom blending of two formulas. Based on the technology of variable ratio dispensing, VariBlend allows consumers to create a personalized formula by turning a dial. The dual-dispensing system is designed for use in cosmetic, skin care or personal care bottles.

The patented system features two separate chambers, each of which holds a different formula, for instance, a skin care product with a lotion and a serum, or a cosmetic product with two different shades. As the dial-type dispenser head is turned, an actuating disc activates the pump pistons at different angles. The mix of the two different formulas from their respective chambers is delivered based on the setting of the user’s choice.
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Global One-Pak’s Puro Launches Stateside
Global One-Pak, a UK-based provider of plastic packaging components, used HBA to launch its new Puro lotion pump in the US. Puro features a crystal clear actuator with an anti-contamination external pump spring to ensure fragrance and lotions remain pure and untainted.

The sleek, innovative design can be custom made for a brand’s specific requirements. the plated aluminum finish can be extended with an array of metalized colors and finishes, and colors can be matched to exact Pantone colors.

“We are delighted to bring the Puro lotion pump to the US,” said Bharat Mistry, director, Global One-Pak. “It’s the latest example of our cost effective and innovative packaging solutions. We expect Puro to be of particular interest to personal care product manufacturers and brand owners wanting to extend shelf appeal with an innovative and attractive system at no extra cost to a standard pump dispenser.”
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Customized Lip Care Possible With OraLabs
OraLabs offers a complete turnkey service in contract packaging for personal care. The company offers assistance in custom formulation, testing, packaging and more.
Popular choices include Lip Naturals lip balm with SPF 15 and a beeswax formulation enriched with vitamin E and peppermint.
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Four Schools Join ICMAD Competition
The American Academy of Art, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Fashion Institute of Technology and Miami International University of Art & Design are participating in the 2011 Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors Association (ICMAD) Young Designers Competition this year.
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