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MH Works on Deodorant Relaunch

August 29, 2011

M&H Works on Deodorant Relaunch

M&H Works on Deodorant Relaunch

Severn Delta tapped M&H for its PitRock relaunch.

• M&H worked with Severn Delta on the relaunch of PitRok natural deodorants. The new collection includes PitRok Natural Spray Deodorants in 100ml non-aerosol tubulars, 50ml natural crystal push up deodorant and natural roll-on deodorant fragranced for women.

Severn Delta selected products from M&H’s portfolio of more than 1,000 products in order to offer a cost-effective packaging solution. The products have been packaged in a distinctive color palette of black, gold and silver, which have high shelf appeal and convey a premium image, according to the company. Tracy Sellar created the graphic design.

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Qosmedix Introduces Two NewSifter Jars with Twist/Lock Feature

Clear polystyrene jars come complete with matte black polystyrene caps and polypropylene sifters.

• Qosmedix added two new sifter jars to its rapidly expanding packaging line. These clear polystyrene jars come complete with matte black polystyrene caps and polypropylene sifters. Choose from two standard sizes for powder-based formulas: 20g (Part # 10040) or 30g (Part # 10041).

According to the company, the innovative sifter has a twist/lock feature that helps prevent contents from spilling or collecting in the cap. Gently twist the ridge to open, dose out amount of product needed, then turn back to lock and close.

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TricorBraun Releases White Paper

• A brand’s quality reputation can be destroyed on the retail shelf by a bottle that has become deformed. Joseph Haun, TricorBraun quality engineer, has prepared a white paper about a condition known as panel sink, which distorts bottles.

Panel sink occurs when the bottle’s sidewalls are sucked in by an increased pressure differential between the bottle’s contents and the surrounding environment.The pressure disparity is caused by a reduction in the volume of product in the bottle or a loss of gas and/or moisture through the bottle walls. It occurs most frequently on cylindrical bottles.

According to the company, panel sink is a universal concern for bottlers because there are many circumstances that bring about a pressure differential. However, there are also numerous ways to prevent panel sink by varying the bottle’s structure, changing the resin from which it is made or evaluating how the bottle it is treated before it is filled.

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Diamond Packaging HonoredFor Its Centennial Calendar

• Diamond Packaging won its first ever Benny Award in the 62nd annual Premier Print Awards competition, the graphic arts industry’s largest and most prestigious worldwide printing competition. Printing Industries of America (PIA) hosts the Premier Print Awards, which recognizes the creation and production of superior print communications.

Of the more than 3,200 entries received, Diamond’s entries were chosen for exemplifying the highest standards in the printing industry. It won the coveted Benny Award for its Diamond 2011 Centennial Calendar, and in recognition will receive the “Benny,” a bronze statuette of Benjamin Franklin.

Diamond also won Certificates of Merit for the Beiersdorf Mini Gift Set and for the Diamond 2011 Centennial Calendar. The total represents the highest number of awards Diamond has ever won in this competition.
The calendar was decorated with the latest in package printing technologies, including specialty coatings (emboss, pearl, textured, soft touch), MiraFoil environmentally-friendly coating, Cast and Cure holographic effects, foil stamping and multi-level embossing. It introduced several of its new specialty coatings (DiamondEmboss, DiamondPearl, DiamondTexture and DiamondTouch) on the cover and several of its layouts.

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Rexam Rolls OutVacation Sensation

An exciting new mini-product program from Rexam.

• The new Vacation Sensation trade promotion from Rexam Personal Care helps customers build powerful mini-product programs that excite consumers of mass, masstige and prestige fragrances, according to the company.

The Vacation Sensation promotion focuses upon three iconic 10ml fragrance solutions:

The Sofilux pen with metal cap and translucent SP5K pump provides optimal spray quality and a premium look that exudes an unmistakable sense of luxury;
The Sofilux pen with plastic cap and translucent SP5K pump option provides superior spray quality and customizable good looks perfect for appealing on-the-go products; and
The Sof’n’touch pen, a classic applicator and cap design that represents the economical and impactful alternative, encourages on-the-go usage with optimal cost-efficiency and precise application. It is customizable in all possible color combinations.

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Sonoco Builds Plant in Ohio

• The diversified global packaging company Sonoco will build a 120,000-plus square-foot rigid plastic container plant in its Beauty and Home Care campus in New Albany, Ohio, for a new contract with Mast Global, the sourcing and logistics division of Limited Brands.
The plant is expected to be operational by the end of the second quarter of 2012 and initially will produce products for Limited Brands' Bath and Body Works stores. Other Limited Brand companies include Victoria's Secret, Pink, LaSenza, and Henri Bendel.

The plans include several PET injection stretch blow-molding and injection molding lines to produce packaging and components for personal care products, according to Rodger Fuller, vice president of Rigid Paper and Plastics. Total cost of the building and equipment is estimated to be $15 million and the operation will employ about 60 new workers.

James Alexander Corp. Launches New Website
James Alexander Corporation, a manufacturer and contract packager of unit-dose dispensing systems for the cosmetic market, recently launched a redesign of its website. The revamped site provides an overview of James Alexander’s two main product categories: glass ampoules and plastic ampoules.

The streamlined website also presents brief video clips demonstrating the proper use for its ampoules. And also features updated information on products, benefits and accessories.

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