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Cotys Technology Earns Accolades from CGT Group

November 10, 2011

Coty’s Technology Earns Accolades from CGT Group

Coty Inc. has been named the Most Innovative Company of 2011 by the Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Group. Recognition is determined by CGT Group’s board of directors, which includes executives from Alberto Culver, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Accenture, Miller-Coors, Gartner Group, DelMonte Foods and Rubbermaid.

Sally Hansen nail products
Three of Coty’s products were recognized as being the most innovative: Rimmel Lash Accelerator, for its Lash Growth Technology; Sally Hanson Salon Manicure, for the first encapsulation in nail lacquer; and Sally Hanson Special Effects, for its patented film technology, according to CGT Group.

“Coty is thrilled to accept this prestigious honor,” said Bernd Beetz, CEO of Coty.“We are humbled to be recognized by a board of peers who are industry giants in their respective companies. At the helm of this great company for 10 years now, I have seen first-hand the drive and creativity that embodies all those who work at Coty. I am confident that this achievement will propel us even further as we continue strengthening our innovation pipeline and delivering products that consumers love.”

“These products and their subsequent recognition are the result of great team work as we drive our innovation process to new levels,” added Ralph Macchio, SVP, global R&D and chief scientific officer. “The science behind Coty’s product portfolio uniquely reflects the team’s successful response to the evolving demands of consumer habits and retail trends.We are all very excited to be recognized for our strong innovation performance in a highly competitive marketplace.”

Coty will be featured in the December issue of Consumer Goods Technology.

Vivimed Labs Taps Cambrian Chemicals in Canada
Vivimed Labs USA, Inc. has chosen Cambrian Chemicals Inc. to be its distributor for personal care products in Canada.

Cambrian will be responsible for the personal care product line—antimicrobials/preservatives, skin care actives and UV filters—as well as NISARG natural extract products throughout all the Canadian provinces.

“Choosing Cambrian will allow us to reach the Canadian personal care, nutraceutical and vitamin supplement markets and have a partner that can help us provide a high level of customer service and technical support,” said Darren Gilbert, manager-sales and marketing at Vivimed Labs USA.
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TC USA, Inc. Acquires Zenitech,LLC
TC USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) Ltd., a division of the UK based Tennant Group of Companies, has acquired US specialty polymer supplier, Zenitech, LLC. The acquisition is a continuation of Charles Tennant Ltd.‘s strategic initiative of developing new, innovative ingredients for the personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Zenitech provides the global personal care and cosmetic markets with patented, multi-dimensional, specialty polymers derived from natural based intermediates.Such products improve the moisturization, conditioning, glossing, and film forming properties of cosmetic and beauty care formulations.

According to Kathie Taylor, executive VP sales and marketing for Charles Tennant & Company, the acquisition of Zenitech and Charles Tennant & Company’s global resources and infrastructure will enhance the sales, marketing, and new product development initiatives for the Zenitech portfolio.“With this acquisition, we want to achieve a recognized position as a supplier of performance driven, highly functional, cost effective, natural and natural based specialty ingredients in the global beauty care market,” she said.

According to Taylor, Zenitech and the recently formed joint venture with ESSA Technologies,further enhancesCharles Tennant‘s ongoing strategic initiative to venture and/or acquire technology driven companies in key strategic markets like personal care and cosmetics.

“Now, we will have an even wider offering of functional and highly innovative products and services for our customers worldwide, widening our portfolio of fine chemicals, customer commitment, and global resources for the beauty care market, “ added Robert MacPhail, CEO and president of Charles Tennant & Company.
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Name Change at Ajinomoto
Ajinomoto USA, Inc. is changing its name to Ajinomoto North America, Inc. to more accurately reflect its area of operations and responsibilities, according to the company.

Ajinomoto USA, Inc. Specialty Chemicals Division will change its name to Ajinomoto North America, Inc. Specialty and Personal Care to more accurately reflect its activities.

Both changes were scheduled to occur on Nov. 1.
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Horn Opens New Corporate Facility

Horn’s new corporate facility in La Mirada, CA.

Horn–formerly E.T. Horn–is bringing the leadership of its six self-sufficient business units together to work collaboratively in a new 120,000-square-foot corporate facility in La Mirada, CA. The new space provides a consolidated site for corporate leadership while retaining and supporting individual manufacturing or warehouse sites for each business group.

“I joined Horn when it started in 1961 and we pioneered the approach of providing our partners with transparency,” stated Gene Alley, CEO. “Horn has grown considerably during that time, but we still retain that special bond of trust and openness with our principals, customers and colleagues. I’m thrilled to commemorate the success of the past 50 years by opening this beautiful new facility as we look forward to more milestones in the future.”

Horn is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.
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Call for Papers: 103rd AOCS Annual Meeting
The call for papers has been issued for the 103rd AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo, which will be held April 29-May 2, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.Abstracts of 200 words in English are requested, without tables and figures.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are being solicited to address topics including but not limited to the following: agricultural microscopy, industrial oil products, analytical, lipid oxidation and quality, biotechnology, phospholipid, edible applications technology, protein and co-products, health and nutrition and surfactants and detergents.

Also scheduled is the “Forum on Emerging Technologies–What’s on the Horizon?” There will be five sessions that expand beyond the science to address how these critical issues impact the business of fats and oils: sustainability (including green technology, life cycle, energy issues; biobased products (including alternatives and processing issues); functional lipids (including structure, application, fundamentals, Omega-3s, and health/nutrition implications); communication and computer technology in the workplace (including how fats and oils industries are utilizing new technologies and social media to their advantage, what challenges are being faced); and analytical horizons (including what’s ahead, what’s important, what’s needed).
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Drom Celebrates 100th Anniversary

“There’s nothing like the joy you feel when you create an extraordinary fragrance,” wrote Bruno Storp Sr., who founded Drom fragrances 100 years ago.

Two generations later, under the leadership of his grandsons, Dr. Andreas and Dr. Ferdinand Storp, Drom is still run by the same family and guided by the same principles of passion, vitality and creative freedom.

What’s changed, however, is that Drom has evolved from a local provider of specialized fragrance products into a global player with international reach. It has revenues of approximately $100 million and 350 employees, making it one of top 10 fragrance suppliers in the world.

When Storp Sr. founded his company “Bruno Storp – Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products” in 1911 in Munich, Germany, he came from a long family line of both entrepreneurs and artists like painter Carl von Marr, whose paintings were awarded numerous gold medals, for example, at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. The Storp brothers—the third generation to manage the firm—recall that their grandfather had been a young apothecary who actually wanted to be an opera singer and to work as an artist. Using his new company, Storp dedicated his creative talent to the creation of innovative toilet water, hair tonic, and a soap product that later became known as “Storp’s Floating Soap.”

In 1921, Dr. O. Martens joined the company, from which the name DR.O.M. came.

Several years later, Storp met Dr. Clemente, a perfumer, which was an important turning point in the company’s history. Drom started developing fragrances and perfumes; Storp also opened a small perfume shop in Munich in 1935 where he sold his own exclusive creations.

Drom launched its first international campaign in England in 1931. In 1948, Drom began to focus on bottling, packaging and logistics. Production was modernized and glass gave way to steel—an ingenious move that greatly simplified both production and transport. In 1956, the firm started exporting products to Switzerland, Austria, France and Scandinavia. In 1970, the company invented a new filling technology—the very first to use gravity—which revolutionized manufacturing in the fragrance industry. The firm also became interested in the production of natural raw materials, and even today it continues to conduct intensive research into raw materials. For example, it patented its own completely natural Pureganic essential oils.

In 1977, Drom ventured outside Europe, establishing a production facility and sales office in the US; a fine fragrance studio was opened it the Tribeca district of New York City in 2005. Drom Asia/Australia and Drom Japan were founded in the 1980s

“We currently have representatives in 43 countries and production facilities worldwide,” said Andreas Storp, a man whose passion for his work led him in 2004 to personally establish the company’s plant in Guangzhou, China. In 2007 Drom took over a plant in Brazil, redesigning it to meet the company’s requirements.

“We’ve succeeded in establishing a traditional family business in new markets. Highly creative people have joined the company, and Drom has an extremely strong position internationally. We also have many promising opportunities in Paris and New York,” asserted Ferdinand Storp. “Drom is like a dynamic startup company that is full of pioneering spirit. We are continuing to capture new markets, launch inspiring projects, and as a result we are experiencing a constant renewal.” Yet at the same time, Drom is staying true to itself. “We feel that it is important to retain our DNA— both in our business as well as in our own lives. As a family business, we need to be careful to not lose our identity.”

L’Oréal’s Agon Honored by AJC
Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and CEO of L’Oréal, has been honored by AJC, a global Jewish advocacy organization, with its International Human Relations Award in recognition of Agon’s “global leadership, vision and corporate citizenship.”

“I believe that AJC and L’Oréal have much in common,” Agon said. “We share similar core values. Ethics, integrity, respect, spirit of tolerance, acceptance of diversity, are as much a part of your DNA as it is part of ours. They resonate with the humanistic approach that will always inspire our vision and our actions as citizens of the world.”

More than 600 people attended a special dinner during which Agon received the honor. The event raised more $1.35 million for AJC.

“We are delighted to honor Jean-Paul Agon, an outstanding corporate leader, and look forward to further strengthening our friendship and cooperation with L’Oréal,” said AJC executive director David Harris. “L’Oréal’s engagement with Israel stands out as a model for global corporations that recognize the intrinsic value of investing in and working with the Israeli people.”

Ecocert Acquires Indiana Certified Organic
Ecocert, the French environmental body devoted to sustainable development and the certification of organic agricultural products, has acquired Indiana Certified Organic (ICO), an organic certification agency operating across the US and US Virgin Islands.

Ecocert said the deal is key to its strategy of developing its North American business plan with well-established local partners in the US. The acquisition brings more than 300 additional U.S. clients to the group and an enhanced position on the US market with a local presence, brand, network and team, the company stated in a press release.

Formed in 1991, Ecocert is actively involved in environmental protection and social responsibility. Its client base includes renowned international brands such as Aveda, Kiehl’s, Nuxe, Kora, Origins and Matrix.

Indiana Certified Organic began offering organic certification in 1995, one of the first to be accredited by the US National Organic Program. Currently operating in 24 states, ICO is NOP, ISO 65 and CAEQ accredited. It offers inspection services through its national network and certification for crops, wild crops, livestock, handlers and processors.

Harcros To Distribute ABITEC Personal Care Products
Harcros Chemicals Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of raw materials for personal care and industrial use, has been selected as a distributor partner for ABITEC Personal Care products in select regions.

ABITEC has been a specialty ester producer for more than 50 years with emphasis on naturally-derived emollients, emulsifiers, solubilizers, secondary surfactants and natural alternatives for lanolin, petrolatum and other petroleum-based materials.
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AkzoNobel To Bolster Plants in US and Brazil
AkzoNobel plans to invest $20 million to increase capacity at its surface chemistry plants in Itupeva, São Paulo, Brazil and Morris, IL, over the next two years, the company announced.

This investment will enable AkzoNobel to expand production capacity for fatty amine derivatives, which are essential ingredients in formulations used in a broad range of industries including fabric softeners, and home and personal care, the company said.

“We are committed to support our strategic customers in the Americas by constantly improving our manufacturing sites and, as a result of our unparalleled innovation efforts, enabling them to develop and produce new products,” said Bob Margevich, managing director, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry business unit. “Our objective is to grow with our customers.”

AkzoNobel’s fatty amines product lines include Arquad, Ethoquad, Armid, Armeen, Armosoft, Redicote, Berol, Bermocoll, Aromox, Duomeen, Triameen, Armac, Duomac and Ethomeen.
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Ecolab Awards Grants To Community Schools
In keeping with its quarter-century tradition of supporting community schools, Ecolab Inc. has awarded $710,000 in 2011 through its Ecolab Foundation’s Visions for Learning grant program.

The program, which it operates in 12 communities across the US, benefitted more than 300 schools and thousands of students nationwide this year.

“Ecolab has consistently supported education through multiple programs to better reach and benefit students,” said Douglas M. Baker, Jr., Ecolab’s chairman, president and CEO.

“Our largest program, the Visions for Learning grant program, provides additional classroom materials to help students in grades K-12 reach their learning goals. By providing teachers with additional classroom materials that they otherwise might purchase with personal funds, we’re able to enhance the educational experience and achievement for both teachers and students,” he added.

To date, Ecolab has distributed $8.7 million nationally through its Visions for Learning program.

The grants are given to kindergarten through 12th grade teachers to support and engage students, helping them to achieve at-grade level in basic skills and enrich the classroom experience.
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