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Preview of the 2011 SCC Scientific Meeting Technology Showcase

November 10, 2011

Preview of the 2011 SCC Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase

Preview of the 2011 SCC Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) will hold its Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase, Dec. 8-9 at New York City’s Hilton Hotel. This annualevent incudes several technical sessions (some concurrent), social events and awards presentations over a two-day period.

Scientific Sessions
Session A—Active Colors; Howard Epstein, moderator. “Surface-Active Functionals for Wash Off Stable Hair Color Modifications,” Thomas Rudolph, Ph.D., Merck KGaA; “Make-Up and Biological Activity on the Skin,” Karl Lintner, Ph.D., Philippe Mondon, Emmanuel Doridot, Nada Andre and Olga Gracioso, Kal’Idees; “High Performance Color Cosmetic Coating for Prevention of Skin Injury Due to Thermal Insult,” D. Michelle McCluskey, Robert Lochhead, Ph.D., Paige Buchanan, Laura Anderson and Kelli Booth, Scigenesis and University of Southern Mississippi; 2011 Frontiers of Science Award Lecture: Robert Langer, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Biomaterials and Biotechnology: From the Discovery of the First Angiogenesis Inhibitors to the Development of Controlled Drug Delivery Systems and the Foundation of Tissue Engineering.”

Session B–Hair Testing; Joseph Dallal, moderator. “A New Hair Straightening System with High Performance and Low Damage,” Timothy Gao, Ph.D., Charles Moses, Zhi Li, Jung-Mei Tien, Ying Xia He and Peter Landa, Croda, Inc.; “Models for Evaluation of the Environmental Stress on the Hair,” Olga Freis, Philippe Moser, Sylvia Nefkens, Gilles Pauly and Andreas Rathjens, Laboratoires Serobiologiques; “A Global Approach to the Differentiation of Styling Polymer Performance on Asian, Caucasian, Mulatto and African American Hair,” Anand Mahadeshwar, Ph.D., Ray Rigoletto, Xin Ou, Ph.D. and Claire Sun, International Specialty Products; and “An Alternate Method for Reshaping Hair,” Ram Ramaprasad, Ph.D. and Mythili Nori, TRI/Princeton

Session C–Hand Health and Hygiene; Martha Tate, Ph.D., moderator; “Polarization Spectroscopy Imaging for Assessment of Erythema and Blanching in Skin Care Product Testing,” Gert E. Nilsson, Ph.D., Wheelsbridge AB; “Factors Influencing Hand Skin Health in Health Care Workers: Practices, Environment, Genetics and Treatment Response,” Marty Visscher, Ph.D. and R. Randall Wickett, Ph.D., Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and University of Cincinnati; “Development of Cationic Bodywash Formulation Containing Novel Opacifier Utilizing Ultra Small Angel Neutron Scattering (USANS),” Alan I. Nakatani, Ph.D., Miao Wang, Kathleen Keller, Fanwen Zeng and Matina Osti, The Dow Chemical Company; and “Formulating Hand Hygiene Products for the Healthcare Professional,” Christopher C. Heisig, Ph.D. and Nancy E. Kaiser, Steris Corporation

Session D–Scalp and Skin Biology; Karl Lintner, Ph.D., moderator. 2011 Keynote Award Lecture sponsored by Ruger Chemical, “The Photostabilities of Selected Anti-Aging Skin Care Active Ingredients,” Craig Bonda, Anna Pavlovic and Jean Zhang, The HallStar Company; “Prevention of Hair Follicle Aging,” Paul Mouser, Ph.D., Catherine Gondran, Claude Dal Farra and Nouha Domloge, ISP Vincience; “New Strategy to Modulate Alopecia Using a Combination of Two Specific and Unique Ingredients,” Estelle Loing, Ph.D., Michel Hocquaux and Isabelle Lacasse, Unipex Innovations; and “Role of TRF2 in Preventing Cellular Senescence and Associated Skin Damages,” Isabelle Imbert, Ph.D., J.M. Botto, L. Bergeron, C. Plaza, C. Meyrignac, C. Gondran, C. Dal Farra and N. Domloge, ISP Vincience.

Session E– 21st Century Formulating; Michael Fevola, Ph.D., moderator. “21st Century Daily Care: Invisible Shield for Invisible Aging. The Key Role of UVA Filters in Preventing Free Radical Formulation,” Tatiana Drovetskaya, Ph.D., S. Orofino, G. Vazquez, B. Herzog, M. Schnyder, H. Flosser Muller, U. Osterwalder and K. Jung, BASF Corporation; “Precise Polymers for Prestige Products: Formulating for Feel,” Patrick McCarthy, Ph.D. and Wojciech Jakubowski, ATRP Solutions, Inc.; “Emerging Trends are Changing the Way Formulators are Thinking About and Formulating Surfactant Cleansing Products,” Timothy Roach, Shannon Butz and Duane Krzysik, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Noveon Consumer Specialties; “Increased UV Protection of Hair through High Loaded Sun Filter Carrier Systems,” Monika Beyer, Ph.D., Rovi Cosmetics International GmbH; and “The RAFT Technology: A Smarter Way to Develop Multi-Functional Polymers for Cosmetic Formulations,” John Chiefari, Ph.D., Ezio Rizzardo, Graeme Moad and San Thang, CSIRO.

2011 Awards
During the meeting, the 2011 Maison de Navarre Medal Award will be presented to Dr. Howard Maibach. Dr. Maibach is being recognized for his significant contribution through his extensive cosmetic safety research. He has also been a major factor in the study of percutaneous absorption and moisturization. He will be presented with the honor at Thursday’s luncheon.

The 2011 SCC Merit Award will be presented to Dr. Kenneth Marenus at the Friday luncheon.

Social Events
The Suppliers Cocktail Reception will be held Thursday evening from 5-7:00 p.m., immediately following the close of the Technology Showcase.

In addition, emeritus members of the SCC are invited to a meet and greet reception on Thursday from 4-5:00 p.m.

Education Courses
The SCC has also scheduled two continuing education courses for Dec. 7.

Ethnic Product/Relaxer Formulation: New Technological Approach will cover many topics, including relaxer definition, relaxers then and now, chemistry of actives in relaxers, keratin straightening products, emulsion design approach for relaxers, conditioning agents for relaxers, pre- and post-treatment products, the myths about neutralizing shampoo, lye versus no lye relaxers, high selling ethnic products, future trend in ethnic products and formulation ofethnic products to minimize hair damage.

The second course, Innovation in Personal Care Products,will cover what is innovation and why it is important, the importance of R&D/marketing interaction, innovation milestones in the personal care industry and tools to enhance innovation.
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