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Alpha Packaging Expands Line Of Indented Large PET Packers

March 2, 2012

Alpha Packaging Expands Line Of Indented Large PET Packers

Alpha Packaging Expands Line Of Indented Large PET Packers

Three new polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Indented Label Large Round Packers.
• Alpha Packaging has introduced three new polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Indented Label Large Round Packers ideal for bulk quantities of protein powders and nutritional supplements. Alpha’s 3785cc (1-gallon) and 6250cc packers are new sizes that are both larger than the PET packers previously available from Alpha; the new 1500cc packer is a lightweight version of a size Alpha already made.

All of Alpha’s PET Indented Large Rounds are manufactured using a single-stage, blow-molding process. Standard colors are clear, white, cobalt blue, dark green, light amber and dark amber. Bottles are available with low minimums for standard colors; custom colors require a minimum of 10,000 pieces with a $500 purge charge, or Alpha will waive the purge charge for orders of 50,000 pieces or more.

Alpha’s 1500cc, 2000cc, 2500cc, 3000cc and 3785cc sizes all feature a 110mm continuous thread neck; the 6250cc packer has a 120mm neck. The indented label panel style protects labels from scuffing during shipping and at retail, and the generous neck widths allow consumers to use large scoops. Only the 1500cc size is available in multiple gram weights. The new 98.5g, 1500cc packer will become Alpha’s standard weight for this size, and the 141g option will be available for companies seeking a heavier weight.

All sizes of Alpha’s PET Indented Large Rounds are ready for orders. Samples may be ordered by visiting and clicking on “Request a Sample.”

Qosmedix Launches Global B2B E-Commerce Website

• Qosmedix recently debuted its new and improved global B2B e-commerce website. Completely redesigned, the enhanced shopping experience includes streamlined product categories, larger thumbnail images and an option to view each product full size on a 1cm grid, according to the company. The improved interface gives customers the option to view their online order and invoice history, save multiple address and credit card details, reorder with one click from previous purchases, and estimate shipping charges. A video section has also been added which features information about the company’s products and history, along with video tutorials covering all of the new site’s features.

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Guthy-Renker Selects Mega Airless For Meaningful Beauty

Airless solutions for Cindy Crawford’s skin care collection.
• Guthy-Renker has again selected a Mega Airless neutral and airless dispensing solution, this time for its Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Crème Serum.

This latest assignment, which uses Mega Airless Micro pumps (15ml and 30ml), builds upon the Mega–Guthy-Renker relationship. Further, it underscores the growing use of “premium-style” true airless packaging in the mass, masstige and prestige categories.

As with the entire Mega Airless line, the Micro series offers sleek and sculpted high-performance. These are precision, German-engineered dispensers that provide the end-user with optimal functionality, ergonomics and eye-appeal.

Every piece is vacuum-tested inline and delivers precision dosing, quick-priming and 360-degree operation—with no drips, clogs, drying or product contamination. Mega’s all-plastic design, with no metal in contact with the bulk, results in complete neutrality for today’s formulations.

Further, customers benefit from an easy-to-fill design, with a wide container opening that permits the filling head to dive deep and ensure a smooth and effective fill, according to Harry Blacklock, national sales and marketing director, Mega Airless.

In addition, Mega Airless’ mix-and-match product family allows customers to customize their dispensing solutions and deliver superior return on investment. The company handled all decoration for the product, including custom purple vacuum metalized pump and overcap, with two-pass silk-screening, Blacklock added.

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Unilever Sells Cosmetics Labs of America to Visual Pak

• The Visual Pak Companies has acquired Cosmetic Labs of America (CLA) from Unilever. Located in Chatsworth, CA, CLA is a contract packaging company for the personal care and cosmetic industries. CLA became a Unilever asset as a result of its May 2011 acquisition of Alberto Culver.

Oscar Saldarriaga, general manager of CLA, will join The Visual Pak Companies, and continue to lead and manage CLA business activities. Additionally, Visual Pak has made a deal for the plant facility and equipment assets of Hexagon Packaging Corporation, which specializes in consumer and industrial cleaning products, chemical processing and filling services.

Dr. Bronner’s Modifies Packaging

• Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps is rebranding its line of USDA certified organic body care products (24 items in total), including hand and body soaps, lotions, shaving gels, hair care products and hand sanitizing spray. The personal care line, released in early 2008, now features a new packaging design to look like Dr. Bronner’s iconic castile soap label. According to the company, instead of Emanuel Bronner’s philosophy (seen on the castile labels), the altered design features new writings by the current generation of the company about Bronner’s Fair Trade projects around the world and the charitable causes the company supports.

“Dr. Bronner’s has always been a mission driven company with a mission driven label. My grandfather created his soap label to espouse his philosophy,” said David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. “Our new label allows us to use the style and spirit of the original one to tell the story of what this generation of our family is doing to carry on the environmental and social ideals that this company was built on.”

Despite the new packaging, the product formulas and the UPC codes on the entire line remain unchanged. According to the company, the new labels are designed to help retailers merchandise the company’s entire line together more easily and effectively while bringing a more unified brand presence to store shelves. The altered labels also include tips and instructions for the best use of the products.

The relabeled items are out now in stores nationwide.

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ICMAD Seeks Young Designers

• The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors (ICMAD) are accepting school applications for the 2012 Annual Young Designers competition, which will take place in New York City in September 2012. Created in 1999, the ICMAD Young Designers Competition showcases the talents of students studying package design.

The participating schools in last year’s program were The American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL; Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles, CA; Fashion Institute of Technology, New York; and Miami International University of Art & Design, Miami, FL.

This time, each student will receive a silver bottle and will be asked to create a cosmetic product. In the past, students have created items such as facial products including toner, cleanser or moisturizer. The students will be judged by a panel of cosmetic and personal care packaging design experts. The criteria will include overall uniqueness, capability to be reproduced economically and ability to stand out.

Design school applications will be accepted through June 1, according to ICMAD.

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