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7 Days of Wonder Debuts

Published April 2, 2013
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New 7 Days of Wonder is the skin care line that addresses 27 signs of changing skin. The line was developed by beauty industry veterans Suzanne and Bob Grayson, who insist that no single multi-benefit, anti-aging skin creme can contain sufficient active ingredients at clinically-tested levels of effectiveness, to produce the desired results. The Graysons note that every moisturizer starts with 60-70% water. Throw in film formers, preservatives, emulsifiers and other ingredients and there's not much room left for active ingredients.

But 7 Days of Wonder has a specific formula for each day of the week, ensuring plenty of room for actives. And, thanks to Rotation Skin Therapy; ie, changing formulas daily, 7 Days Of Wonder delivers maximum benefits because skin does not have the opportunity to accommodate the formula. It all adds up to truly effective skin care, according to the Graysons.

In a clinical study:
• 88% of test subjects said that their skin is smoother, more even, less patchy, less coarse, with fewer visible pores;

• 64% reported a softening and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area, mouth area, and over the rest of the face;
• 72% reported skin firmness, elasticity, and a faster skin responsiveness;
• 88% reported skin hydration, moisturization, softness and silkiness;
• 84% saw improvement in skin freshness and vitality, luminosity, radiance and brightness, and a reduction in a dull/flat look to skin;
• 84% saw visible improvement in overall healthy, younger-looking skin with improved skin tone and
• 88% would recommend the use of these products.

7 Days of Wonder is available online at www.7daysofwonder.com

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