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What's the Latest Billion-Dollar Brand at P&G?

Published August 13, 2013
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Gillette Prestobarba/Blue is the latest P&G brand to join our elite line-up of billion-dollar brands, surpassing $1 billion in sales globally. It is Gillette’s fourth billion-dollar brand, joining Fusion, Mach 3 and the brand Gillette. Marketed under the Prestobarba name in Latin America and the Blue name in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Prestobarba/Blue has brought millions of men into the Gillette family with high-performance disposable razors.
First launched in 1974, Prestobarba/Blue was known for its solid blue handle, and offered a safer, better performing disposable razor than old-fashioned razors.

In recent years, Gillette has accelerated innovation behind the Prestobarba/Blue brand. In 2007, it launched Prestobarba/Blue 3, a three-blade disposable razor providing a superior shave with less irritation. Then in 2009, it introduced a new open-cartridge blade design that helped prevent clogging and allowed for “no-tap” rinsing. Today, 250 million men around the world use Prestobarba/Blue.

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