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Amway Innovation Center To Open in South Korea

August 20, 2013

Paul Seehra to serve as center's R&D director

Underscoring an increased global investment in research and development and marketing strategies in China and southeast Asia, Amway will establish an Asia Beauty Innovation Center in Seoul, South Korea. An extension of the company's Growth Through Innovation business strategy, the center's work is designed to bolster the leadership position of Artistry, the prestige beauty brand for Amway—currently among the world's top five, largest-selling premium skin care brands, according to the company.

The new Amway Asia Beauty Innovation Center, located within Amway Korea Ltd.'s corporate headquarters, will be staffed with cross-functional experts in consumer and market research, technical and clinical research, open innovation, concept and product design, and product packaging. The team's primary objective is to convert regional insights into new product concepts and beauty product portfolio strategies that have a direct impact on new product development for Amway, the world's top direct selling business. A secondary objective is to support existing global product development for Amway.

"We're passionate about this new venture, and look forward to strengthening our Artistry brand through an even more extensive knowledge of the world's beauty trends," said Maud Pansing, Amway vice president of global beauty brand management. "Our additional presence in Asia will spark powerful collaborations in science, design and formulation among our regional R&D and marketing experts. Driving formulation development and speeding new products to market will further strengthen our brand leadership with Amway business owners, sales representatives and consumers across China and southeast Asia."

Paul Seehra, Ph.D., has transferred from Amway world headquarters to serve as the center's first R&D director. He previously led research and development for the Artistry luxury/anti-aging beauty division. Elaine Sheng, formerly head of Artistry cosmetics, has relocated from the company's New York office to serve as marketing director at the new ABIC.

"The R&D and marketing teams are united in our efforts to better understand and communicate Asian trends—from innovative technology and packaging down to the subtleties of ingredient fragrances and textures. We understand how critical it is to our success, and look forward to gathering data that will inspire fresh, new thinking," said Catherine Ehrenberger, vice president of Amway R&D.  "Having a focused presence in Asia also provides Amway with dedicated R&D staff to tap resources, talent and design from areas like China and Japan. The ability to integrate technology solutions and research collaborations will help drive an unparalleled level of product development for the Artistry brand."

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