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Close that Sale!

September 11, 2013

Find out how at NJPEC meeting on Oct. 3.

Sure, you know how to email the proposal, leave half a dozen voice mails and even make small talk over lunch, but do you know how to close that deal and get that sale? Join New Jersey Packaging Executive Club on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 6pm at The Manor in West Orange, NJ for a program that is sure to inform and inspire!
Business deals are built with a lot more than logistics and a handshake; layers and layers of psychology, timing, and intuition play huge roles in bringing us all the way from a proposal to a sale. Much of what makes a successful deal lies deep under the surface of our interactions, according to NJPEC.
Presented by "The Donald," Donald Truss, on Thursday, October 3, NJPEC will offer “Subliminal Seminar: Skills for Successful Closings”
Over the years, Donald Truss has been capturing many audiences' attention by bringing this business psychology information to the surface. His presentation, The Turn: Subliminal Selling Skills for Successful Closings, provides viewers with an in-depth look at how they can learn to read and manipulate these context clues for their own gain.
With years of experience as a business process consultant, sales trainer, marketing manager, and recruiter (over 3,000 positions filled!), Truss has broken down the art of the deal into a learned series of steps that can be practiced and applied by anyone in any field. His Subliminal Seminar will have you reading business interactions at a whole new level of comprehension.
Who Should Attend? Purchasing, Packaging, Sales, Marketing, Executive Recruiters, Business Consultants, or anyone else who wishes to learn new ways to successfully achieve their business goals.
This event is open to members and non-members alike. All are invited to attend and enjoy Open Bar, Dinner Buffet, Beer Tasting, and Networking! The event will be at The Manor.
Early bird rate expires Friday, September 27! Click here to register!

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