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P&G Battles Bullying

October 30, 2013

Secret holds nationwide live-streaming assembly for high school students.

To end girl-to-girl bullying, Secret Deodorant’s Mean Stinks yesterday held the "Biggest. Assembly. Ever."—a nationwide live-streamed assembly during which with thousands of students in high schools across the country joined together in support of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month.

Mean Stinks teamed up Hollywood Records recording artist from Disney Channel’s “Shake it Up” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” Zendaya and female empowerment expert Alexis Jones  were assembly co-hosts. The duo answered questions about girl-to-girl bullying, shared their personal bullying experiences, and offered empowering advice to help “end the mean.”

“I was bullied in school for my height so I know how it feels when the ‘mean’ never ends,” said Zendaya. “In partnership with Secret Mean Stinks, I want girls everywhere to ‘Gang Up for Good’ against bullying. The Biggest. Assembly. Ever. provides the perfect forum to raise awareness about girl-to-girl bullying while encouraging girls to start choosing nice behavior over mean.”

To date, Mean Stinks, now in its third year, has connected with more than 1.5 million girls to spread awareness about girl-to-girl bullying.   

“Secret Mean Stinks has taken a stance to stop girl-to-girl bullying, empowering young women to take a proactive role in ending the mean,” said John Sebastian, Secret marketing director. “We have evolved Mean Stinks programming year-over-year, from a small grassroots effort to a truly inspirational movement. We believe in this cause because we believe in the people it affects – and we are determined to continue addressing it proactively through education and nice behavior.”

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