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Old Spice's Call To (Under) Arms

Published January 6, 2014
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The Old Spice brand from Procter & Gamble is “enhancing” its lineup of body spray with Re-fresh technology, which eliminates the need for guys to overspray or reapply throughout the day.

Helping promote the new launch is the brand’s “scent responsibly" educational call-to-action, billed as “the manliest grooming brand on the planet is on a mission to end the overspraying epidemic once and for all," according to the brand.

Arriving in stores this month, new Old Spice Re-fresh Body Sprays contain a P&G proprietary Re-fresh Technology that features a patented cyclic molecule with an empty core that absorbs some fragrance as the Body Spray dries on the skin. When a man sweats, fragrance is pushed out of the core, releasing bursts of scent.

“There's no denying that guys overspray, but there's also no denying that guys still need odor protection,” said John Sebastian, Old Spice marketing director at Procter & Gamble. “We're not here to tell young guys not to use body spray – we're here to equip them with the right tools and help teach them how to scent responsibly. We think this combination will be a game-changer for the body spray category.”

A YPulse survey of more than 2,000 guys and girls (ages 13-25), as well as 1,000 moms of teenage boys across the country revealed three of four young guys and 83% of young feales admit overspraying is an issue. 

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