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CIMS Moves Across the Pond

Published February 12, 2014
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ISSA has chosen the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland as the first countries outside of the US and Canada in which to launch its Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). The program will be administered by BICS Business Services, beginning with introductory workshops held March 4 and Sept. 14, 2014.
CIMS is a consensus-based management standard that is geared toward validating and improving the professionalism of cleaning service providers. The standard lays out a framework based on management principles that are universally considered hallmarks of successful cleaning organizations, namely: Quality Systems; Health, Safety & Environmental Stewardship; Service Delivery; Management Commitment; and Human Resources.
 “To my mind, CIMS works so well because it is based on universally accepted management principles and applies these elements to an entire organization rather than to an individual, product or process,” said ISSA European Services-EMEA director Keith Baker. “The use of specific products and cleaning techniques is not required, nor even recommended, and each organization keeps the flexibility to choose the products and cleaning techniques that best fit its needs.”
A growing number of end customers in the US and Canada already require CIMS certification to be eligible to be awarded a cleaning service contract, including government entities, institutions of higher education, commercial facilities and others.
The standard was first introduced in the US and Canada in 2006, and to date 186 organizations have achieved certification. 

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