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NSF Debuts Cosmetics and Personal Care Program

Published February 12, 2014
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Global public health organization NSF International has launched the NSF Cosmetics and Personal Care Program in response to growing concerns from consumers and retailers regarding adulteration, mislabeling and counterfeiting issues, it conteds. The new program provides auditing, training, product testing and certification services developed by NSF to enable manufacturers to improve the quality and safety of their products and retailers to strengthen the oversight of their cosmetic and personal care suppliers.
The NSF Cosmetics and Personal Care Program addresses the needs raised by new legislation, retailer-prohibited chemical lists and manufacturing-related quality issues which have driven rapid changes to the $300 billion global cosmetics and toiletries market.  Consumer safety concerns also have fueled this need. 
The program includes GMP auditing, testing, product certification and more.
More info: www.nsf.org

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