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Gojo Teams with Hill-Rom

February 26, 2014

New hand hygiene compliance solution.

Gojo, makers of Purell hand sanitizer  is partnering with Hill-Rom, a worldwide provider of clinical workflow solutions for hospitals to co-market wha is being called the Hill-Rom Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution.  The partnerships debuted this week at HIMSS, the industry's largest health information technology meeting, in Orlando, FL.

The Hill-Rom Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution continually monitors the patient care environment, reminding key personnel about critical hand washing events, and providing the data for sustainability.  Institutions that have implemented the Hand Hygiene Compliance Solution have experienced a significant increase in their hand hygiene compliance.

For the Hill-Rom and Gojo integrated solution, the Gojo SMARTLINK Technology is installed into Provon soap and Purell hand sanitizer dispensers and works with the Hill-Rom real-time locating solution.  

"The name Gojo is synonymous with hand hygiene around the world," says McMullin. "Hospitals now have the opportunity to leverage the impact of two trusted brands to support their efforts at increasing hand-hygiene compliance and fighting HAIs."

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