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Besway Adds Another Charity

March 12, 2014

Clean + Care laundry detergent sales benefit those in need.

Besway Home Products’ Clean & Care Laundry Detergent, which donates all retail profits from every sale to a charity of the buyer's choosing, is enabling more proactive ways with its new Ready-to-Help (RTH) program. RTH is designed to meet the unexpected, critical needs of individuals and organizations faced with calamity, such as natural disasters or significant health problems. Traditional non-profits sometimes find themselves stretched thin by extraordinary circumstances; similarly, it's difficult to rally broad support for tragedies that unfold at the local or personal level (medical bills, etc).

Donations through RTH are sent directly and entirely to designated, approved donation sites. When the particular need is satisfied and the site taken down, Clean & Care will remove the relevant link from its donations page.

The Billy Block Family Fund provided the inspiration for the RTH program, as well as being the first such organization listed on the donations page.

A fixture on the Nashville music scene, Billy Block  has spent the last 17 years hosting and producing The Billy Block Show. When news recently broke that Block had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, it sent shock waves through the community. His family and friends, along with the extended family of professional musicians, have since come together to raise money for his treatment. Upon learning of this grassroots fundraising effort, Clean & Care quickly innovated a way for consumers to discover and contribute to the Billy Block Family Fund and similar urgent causes. This serves to leverage money from the purchase of an everyday item, like laundry detergent, for the benefit of a charitable cause.

Participating in the RTH program works exactly the same as donations to the list of non-profits listed on Clean & Care's website. At checkout, buyers simply select the RTH program that appeals to them.

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