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New Laundry Aid Battles Odor

March 13, 2014

Zero Odor at Bed, Bath & Beyond and QVC.

Connecticut-based Zero Odor LLC has rolled out a new odor elimination solution for household laundry issues. Zero Odor Laundry is designed to permanently eliminate the embarrassing odors that survive the typical wash cycle, according to the company. 

"Consumers are battling laundry odors issues like never before,” said Zero Odor founding partner and president Jim Huffstetler. “You can see the problem expressed in chat all over the Internet—'How do I salvage my microfiber workout clothes—the recurring odor is terrible?' and 'How can I get rid of the sour smell from my front -load washer?'  Hearing about these issues from our own customers inspired us to focus all of our R&D efforts on a solution and act quickly to help.”

According to Huffstetler, “many products out there just temporarily mask or cover up odor with heavy perfumes or fragrances” while ero Odor’s is created to address the odor head on and permanently eliminate it. 

Zero Odor Laundry is designed to be poured into the wash cycle at the same time you add detergent. The formula is compatible with all detergents and works in both traditional and HE machines. Sold in a 16-ounce squirt-top bottle, four easy squirts, or two ounces per load, is the dosage.

The product is selling at Bed Bath & Beyond locations or the suggested retail price of $12.99, and is part of a multi-bottle introductory offer at QVC and Additional retail locations will soon follow, according to the company.

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