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All Aboard!

Published March 28, 2014
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All Aboard!

The need for disinfectants was underscored yet again this winter, as hundreds of people aboard several cruise ships in the Caribbean fell ill with norovirus. Lonza’s Hygiene & Preservation business offers the highly effective Lonzagard family of disinfectants in multiple delivery forms to help combat the spread of norovirus.
Reports of the severe gastrointestinal illnesses caused by the norovirus have plagued the cruise-ship industry for many years. All too routine are news videos of vessels affected by the outbreaks having to return early to port.
Lonza’s line of Lonzagard disinfectant products (available in North America and Europe) enables effective cleaning and disinfecting of all areas of a ship, including guest rooms, dining areas, bathrooms and other quarters. These products are offered in multiple, easy-to-use forms, from single-use wipes to sprays and concentrates.
“Our products have proven efficacy against norovirus and are quick and easy to use; in fact, our North American Wipes Plus 2 offering has a low four-minute contact time,” said Ernesto Lippert, global director for Lonza’s Hygiene & Preservation business, which is a part of the company’s Consumer Care organization.

Lonza provides these technologies through partners servicing the cruise ship industry.
More info: www.lonza.com/norovirussolutions

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