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Road Trip!

May 23, 2014

Herbalife members head to DC.

Get on the bus! More than a dozen Herbalife members from six states, including Illinois, California, New York, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada traveled to Washington DC this week to meet with their congressional representatives to ensure they understand the value Herbalife brings to thousands of its members and consumers across the country. The roadtrip comes at a time when the direct sales company is under fire from investor Bill Ackman and under scrutiny from Congress amid pyramid scheme charges.

According to the company, Herbalife employs more than 7,000 people globally, and in the US alone there are more than 550,000 independent Herbalife Members spread across all 50 states and additional territories.

Members are visiting congressional offices to showcase the broad support for Herbalife and highlight:

  • That Herbalife is first and foremost a nutrition company where about three-quarters of its Members joined Herbalife to receive a discount on the products they consume, and about a quarter are so passionate about it that they choose to sell the products;
  • Herbalife’s high-quality, science-based products help people achieve a healthier active lifestyle;
  • Herbalife’s commitment to its ‘Gold Standard’ Member protections, which include:
    • low start-up costs with no minimum product purchase requirements;
    • a 100% money-back guarantee for unsold inventory within 12 months of purchase and pays for the return shipping;
    • clear and accurate information about the business opportunity; and
    • a written acknowledgement of these Gold Standard protections before becoming a Member.
  • The potential income-generating opportunities available to Herbalife Members through hard work and continued dedication; and,
  • Herbalife’s long-standing commitment to investing in and helping to improve the communities in which it operates throughout the nation.

“The support we have from our members is tremendous and we appreciate the time they have taken to make their voices heard,” said Ibi Fleming, senior vice president and managing director for Herbalife’s North American region. “We are proud of our company and the positive role we play in the lives of our members and consumers around the world. Herbalife remains committed to providing customers with the outstanding products and services they have come to expect from our company.”

Brian Holifield, a California-based Herbalife member who is visiting Washington DC this week, stated, “Herbalife is about great products, helping people achieve a healthier way of life, and providing opportunities for hardworking members. It is also a company that I – like millions of members and consumers around the world – believe in. Herbalife plays an important role helping to empower people like me, and I am proud to help sell high-quality products for those who seek a healthy lifestyle.”

Silvia Muir, an Illinois Herbalife member who is visiting Washington DC this week, stated, “I strongly believe in Herbalife and am proud to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle by selling Herbalife’s science based products. Members also know what it takes to succeed in this business – there are no shortcuts, no tricks and no gimmicks.”

Who knows? Maybe a congressman or three will sign on as Herbalife representatives! With Congress gridlocked, they've certainly have enough free time on their hands.



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