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A New Start for New Avon

August 9, 2016

Venerable beauty brand uses convention in Las Vegas to embark on new future (with video).

New Avon used its recently concluded representative convention in Las Vegas—known as RepFest—to mark a new start. Some 5,000 attendees were on site to share company’s vision for the future, and a celebration of the company’s 130 year history as Scott White, CEO of New Avon, and Betty Palm, US president, social selling delivered keynotes.
“I’m proud to lead this incredible company with the purpose and commitment to change women’s lives. Our visionary founder David H. McConnell launched this business based on the revolutionary concept that women could earn an independent income – 34 years before women even won the right to vote,” said White. “We invite the world to meet a very New Avon. We are a $1 billion, 130 year old start-up and are embarking on a new beginning. We are committed to investing in our Representatives and their businesses, and driving Avon’s strength and leadership in this powerful direct selling channel.”
“Everyone knows the Avon name, and that name means the best in beauty and business. And everyone knows we are the company for women. Since our founding, incredible, empowered, every-day, yet extraordinary women have been making it happen, making dreams become reality. Avon has positively impacted more female entrepreneurs than any other company, ever,” said Palm. “The best is yet to come for our representatives - breakthrough products, training, technology, advertising, innovative programs, and a business opportunity that gets better as we work to simplify the business and improve the earning opportunity.”