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Skin Care? Makeup?

January 6, 2017

Onomie does both!

Forbes, the venerable Capitalist Tool, is taking a stab at cosmetics reporting. A recent article on the company's website gives an update on Onomie, one of many brands that combines the benefit of skin care and makeup in a single formula—something that BB creams, CC creams and other multipurpose products have been doing for years.

Onomie is a direct-to-consumer brand with scientific roots. Onomie is a derivative of "onomy;" which denotes a specific area of knowledge or the laws governing it. Company founders say smart is beautiful—a creedo that is part of every product in the range. One of the company's taglines is: "intelligence will always be beautiful."

The Onomie lineup includes Bright Concealing Elixir ($30), A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment ($40), Powerful Priming Serum ($50), Eye Essentials Duo ($65) and Complete Complexion Trio ($110).

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