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Don't Shower Alone

January 9, 2017

P&G launches Duo

That simplest of tasks, washing oneself, just got more complicated. Procter & Gamble is rolling out Duo, a dual-sided cleansing tool, for its Olay, Old Spice and Ivory brands. P&G describes Duo as a dual-sided tool infused with a flexible cleanser, that combines "the clean of a bar, care of a body wash and experience of a shower puff, for the best of all worlds."

According to P&G, Duo's patented multi-layer cleansing technology delivers 2 times better clean vs. the basic body wash + shower puff. Its scrubby side exfoliates better than a body wash and shower puff. Duo also contains 3-4 times more fragrarance ingredients than existing P&G bar soaps and body washes.

Finally, Duo's core is made of a flexible cleanser, allowing it to glide and contour to your body's every groove for "a closer clean," according to P&G.

Why would anyone need all this technology just to wash up? 
P&G studies show 34% males and 44% females in the US use multiple cleansing products to achieve their desired shower experience. These "dual-users" often start with a bar of soap and finish with a body wash, or vice-versa, to avoid the trade-off of using just one form. 

Maybe, but it sounds like P&G is trying to get consumers to trade up to a higher priced version of soap, water and a little elbow grease.


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