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Will Unit Dose Get Shave Category in a Lather?

February 14, 2017

Pacific Shaving Company rolls out single-use shave cream minis at Target.

Unit dose isn’t just for detergent. Pacific Shaving Company is offering single-use Shaving Cream Minis, which deliver shaving cream in a packet that dissolves with water in your palm to provide a moisturizing lather. The product is now available at Target stores nationwide.

Representing the first truly innovative product in the shave preparation category since shaving gel was introduced in the 1970s, the Minis deliver an exact amount of shaving cream in a convenient form ideal for everyday use and for travel, according to the San Francisco-based company.

The food grade, water-soluble film improves convenience by delivering shaving cream in easy-to-use, pre-measured pouches that release their contents when exposed to water

“There has been a great deal of innovation and disruption happening in shaving for razors and blades—but not much for shaving creams and aftershaves,” said Stan Ades, co-founder of Pacific Shaving Company. “We strive to develop innovative and effective shaving care products for men and women, and Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis fit perfectly with that goal.”

Pacific Shaving Company partnered with MonoSol, LLC, a specialist in water-soluble films for products like unit-dose laundry and automatic dishwasher detergents.

“We’re always asking what can’t we put in a packet that dissolves in water,” said P. Scott Bening, MonoSol’s president and CEO. “We have seen success in laundry detergents, automatic dishwasher detergents, food coloring, and pool and spa products in water-soluble film, so why not enhance convenience in personal care products? With Pacific Shaving Company, we’re unleashing a new, innovative way to deliver shaving cream.”

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