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When Sales Don't Compute...

February 21, 2017

Nearly all online shoppers get shut out.

Battling for a parking space at the mall was bad enough, now online shopping has become a headache, too. Ninety-eight percent of online shoppers have been dissuaded from completing a purchase because of incomplete content, according to a study released this month by Episerver, a provider of a single platform to manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud.

The survey of more than 1,100 consumers underscores the necessity of delivering complete and accurate content in the e-commerce landscape, and the findings show that brands are lagging when it comes to their digital experiences. The "Reimagining Commerce" report found that 98% of consumers have been dissuaded from completing a purchase because of incomplete or incorrect content, with nearly a third (32%) of consumers being dissuaded every time. Further, over a third of shoppers (35%) feel brands do a poor or very poor job of customizing the online shopping experience, with just 7% believing that brands do this very well.

The report also found many consumers expect personalized content as part of their online shopping experience, with nearly two-thirds (59%) reporting interest in personalization. According to Ed Kennedy, senior director of commerce at Episerver, while some brands are meeting online shoppers' expectations, many others are failing to personalize the experience in the way customers want.

"Just as a poorly designed storefront or cluttered displays can deter shoppers from a physical store, a website or mobile app with lackluster content can turn off consumers and in many cases, discourage them from making a purchase," said Kennedy. "Our study shows consumers really care about content when shopping online, not only the quality and accuracy, but also how it's delivered to them. Complete and accurate content is now table stakes, and brands looking to go above and beyond must consider personalization."

The report also shows consumers appreciate customized experiences outside of their online shopping experience. Forty-three percent of customers reported being open to customized in-store experiences, and 44% are interested in brands customizing coupons to them based on their location.