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Sundial Brings Nyakio Skin Care To US

March 6, 2017

Prestige skin care line with Nyakio Kamoche Grieco launches today at Ulta.

Sundial Brands’ first prestige skincare line, nyakio, launches today in 305 Ulta stores in the US. Inspired by her family of medicine men, farmers and educators, founder Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, partnered with Sundial Brands to bring global secrets of naturally ageless beauty to the US market. Based on Nyakio's family recipes, as well as beauty traditions from 13 countries across the globe, each formula evokes a luxurious, culturally transcendent experience. 
"For 25 years now, our vision at Sundial Brands has been to build our business and our ‘Community Commerce’ purpose-driven business model as examples that other entrepreneurs and businesses could be inspired by, learn from and expand upon," said Richelieu Dennis, founder and CEO of Sundial Brands. "Our acquisition of nyakio underscores our ongoing commitment to identifying, supporting and developing other entrepreneur brands that share our vision and values. Nyakio's roots of family, natural ingredients, culturally authentic traditions, entrepreneurism and community impact closely mirror our own, so we have a deep connection to what this brand represents and the woman who inspired it.”
"My beauty journey started when I was a young girl visiting my grandmother in Kenya," said Nyakio, who is first-generation American of Kenyan descent   "She was a coffee farmer who taught me to crush coffee beans and rub them on my skin using a piece of sugarcane to remove dry skin. I've curated beauty secrets like this from my family, friends and travels around the world and translated them into a full line of skincare based on cultivated global beauty secrets, cultural traditions and ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. Inspired by everything that's been shared with me, I'm now sharing the best in global skincare with every woman."

Grounded in ethically and sustainably sourced, indigenous ingredients, nyakio is a 16 SKU line, which draws ingredients including Manketti, Neroli, Maracuja and Yangu oils, Red Ginseng and Quinoa from such countries as Kenya, China, Brazil, Spain, Egypt, India, Morocco and Peru.

In addition to availability at Ulta stores, the range will also be sold via Prices range from $22-$49 for the line.

Based on Nyakio's passion for the development and empowerment of young women, the Community Commerce focus for nyakio includes a partnership with Girls Inc. aimed at helping girls achieve healthy lives, succeed academically, and acquire the life skills needed to prepare them for adulthood.

"I am beyond grateful to join Richelieu and the team at Sundial as I begin my journey with this new skincare line," added Nyakio. "Having the support of a company that truly cares about the people it serves and the world in which we live is rare, and I look forward to everything that we will accomplish together."

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