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Doctor's Orders: Murad's 'EyesUp' Campaign Addresses Digital Disconnectedness

March 7, 2017

Focusing on the role cultural stress plays in healthy mind and skin.

People are more digitally-connected than ever before but yet less connected to one another in meaningful ways, and that has promoted Murad to roll out new initiative designed to educate people about the danger of digital-only relationships and the power of real-world human connection. Through its EyesUp Campaign, Murad is encouraging people around the world to go “EyesUp” and connect with one another in real life.
Renowned as the “father of internal skincare,” Dr. Howard Murad’s groundbreaking work and research over the past decade has centered on helping people cope with “cultural stress.”
 “As a dermatologist, I believe that healthy skin is a direct reflection of how you live your life. But today, nearly all of us are living in an increasingly stressful, always-on environment,” said Dr. Murad. “The irony of technological advancement is that we are more digitally connected than ever before, yet less connected to one another in meaningful ways. This has profound implications for our skin, health, and ultimately happiness.”

In fact, this type of constant and pervasive stress has tremendous health consequences, which are particularly visible on the skin. Chronic stress, like that from cultural stress, has been shown to weaken immunity, increase inflammation, and accelerate aging. 
Through the EyesUp campaign, Murad hopes to use its brand expertise on the topic to empower people to connect by disconnecting, thereby taking action against their own form of Cultural Stress.
The campaign kicks-off today with the launch of an educational film created to raise awareness about the power of human connection.
In addition, Murad is also launching a content hub ( to educate people about digital dependence and social isolation, and take the EyesUp pledge. The in-depth resource will include new research, tips and tools for unlocking the power of human connection, and articles from expert contributors including neuroscientist and mind-body expert Dr. Claudia Aguirre and the renowned research organization Sputnik Observatory, dedicated to the study of contemporary culture.

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