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Guess Who Is Stepping Into Skin Care?

March 8, 2017

Natural ingredients, including cork, are at heart of Birkenstock's newest venture.

The brand’s sandals are iconic, and now German-based Birkenstock is stepping into the beauty business with a new line of products it says are “developed and produced in Germany using the finest natural ingredients and certified in accordance with stringent natural cosmetic standards.”
Birkenstock Natural Care was unveiled at Vivaness, an international trade fair for natural and organic personal care that was held in Nuremberg, Germany last month. It will be available internationally in the Fall, according to the company.

All 28 products in the collection are certified in accordance with the international BDIH COSMOS Natural standard.
“As the inventor of the footbed, we have a particularly close connection to personal well-being,” points out Oliver Reichert, CEO of the Birkenstock Group. “Alongside healthy walking, standing, running, and resting, skin care has a considerable influence on our well-being. The cosmetics industry offers countless products in this area. Unfortunately, however, many of these contain chemical ingredients that can irritate or even damage the skin. This prompted us to start thinking about a healthy product concept in this segment. The result is Birkenstock Natural Care–genuine natural cosmetics without the use of chemicals.”

A key ingredient being used in the line is an extract taken from the outer layer of the bark of the cork oak; cork is material that fans of the Birkenstock sandal know well.

Be sure to look for more on the shoe maker's foray into skin care in our May 2017 issue.

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