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Family Shopping Drives Natural Personal Care

March 20, 2017

Mintel finds parents lead the spending in an overall growing marketplace.

With wariness of the safety of ingredients in consumer products on the rise across most categories, it seems the use of natural and organic personal care (NOPC) products are gaining in popularity, with parents leading the way. New research from Mintel reveals that over one third (37 percent) of consumers agree that they were buying more NOPC products in 2016 than the year prior, including 34 percent of parents with children under 18 in the household.
Furthermore, parents are more likely to purchase personal care products that are natural or organic than non-parents, including hand and body lotion (53 percent parents vs 34 percent non-parents), facial skin care (51 percent parents vs 32 percent non-parents), hair care (50 percent parents vs 34 percent non-parents) and body cleansing products (48 percent parents vs 34 percent non-parents). 
“Parents are information seekers when it comes to raising their kids and, therefore, could be more aware of ingredients to avoid in their children’s personal care products, as well as their own. This presents an opportunity for natural and organic personal care brands to target parents, as they should incentivize them to purchase both adult- and child-specific products,” said Jana Vyleta, Health and Personal Care Analyst at Mintel.
“Consumers are more likely to consider general, simple ingredient statements as an indicator that a personal care product is natural than they are certifications. The belief that natural and organic personal care products are safe likely stems from the increasing conversations regarding potential harmful effects of ingredients used in mainstream brands. However, many consumers are skeptical about these products, likely due to the lack of standardization in the natural and organic market. Brands may want to consider strengthening the messaging of quality, such as by calling out unique ingredients, as consumers view this as one of the top reasons for buying,” added Vyleta.