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New Active from Chemyunion

April 12, 2017

Offers maximum brightness for treated tresses.

Changing hair color follows the fashion and the process follows the developments in treatments. Hair dyeing and bleaching are the most popular procedures at professional hair salons. However, these processes damage the structure of the hair fiber, leaving a dry or brittle appearance.

A new and exclusive technology brings the possibility to promote maximum brightness and protection for bleached and dyed hair. GoBlond, developed by Chemyunion, is composed of silk proteins, interlaced by a network of polysaccharides. Its unique technology provides an efficient delivery system, allowing the bleaching and dyeing process takes place in its entirety, without compromising the integrity of the hair fiber, because it protects the cortical regions (macro and microfibrils) and consequently the keratin chains and cuticles, through selective film formation in one-step during the process of color transformation.

Recent work has been performed to determine the efficacy in specific DIY treatment products. These tests prove GoBlond increases brightness by up to 97% after the dyeing process, compared to the same process without the active application, said the company. When applied in specific formulations for dyed hair treatment, GoBlond increases the brightness by 57% and improves the hair fiber texture after six applications. For the maintenance of bleached hair, the brightness was increased by up to 19%, said the company.
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